Zac Efron: Shirtless Workout

Zac Efron: Shirtless Workout

I do not get it. Why do chicks go gaga over this guy? Oh, he is a movie star, that is must be why. And he claims that he works out regularly. Who is his personal trainer, Pauly Shore?

Zac Efron: shirtless workoutWorking out is my biggest hobby,” says Zac Efron, who heads to the gym almost every day, according to his girlfriend, Vanessa Hudgens. She even tags along as much as possible – “That’s my motivation,” admits Vanessa – and who could blame her?

She’s clearly not the only one who thinks Zac looks even sexier when he is shirtless and sweating. Those concentration curls must be exhausting! “Awhile ago, there was this commotion in the gym,” Zac recalls.

“There was a photographer taking pictures of me!” But all that attention won’t stop Zac from getting his cardio kicks. “It’s my Zen hour, I just zone out,” he says. Yeah, he needs cardio and lots of it, clearly. Roles eyes. [source: In Touch]

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36 Responses to “Zac Efron: Shirtless Workout”

  1. j-dizzle Says:

    well, his bod was good enough to be published in E!’s best beach bods at #13

  2. Amber Says:

    Zac is so sexy! TAKE IT OFF ZAC AND KEEP IT OFF!!!!!!!

  3. Trey Says:

    Dang yal gurlz go crayzey ova dis guy. Man i wish i waz famus. Tho yall gotta remember he aint the only nice luken guy out there. There are others 2. Like me. Yall get ready cuz im comeing to disney channel soon.

  4. . Says:

    well, the one who just sent this thing is just jealous. Not everyone does like big muscle guys who look like gorilla’s, their not that atractive or sexy. and if you have a problem with zac efron’s body, you should have a problem with brad pitt and david beckam too, who have almost the same kind of body who women are really crazy about. who knows that yourself are like a fat kid with psychology problems. who knows. :)

  5. Joanna Says:

    I think he looks great! He is a small guy and he will never be the Hulk, but to say that it doesn’t show, that he’s working out every day, is just dumb.

  6. Lucy Says:

    Well, for someone who doesn’t like this guy….you OBVIOUSLY did a lot of research on “shirtless” and HOT!!!! Zack.

  7. Mark Says:

    Watever, he is freakin hot.

  8. ryan Says:

    Good grief people are always dissin famous people i wish they would just lay off cause the only difference between them and normal people is that they go through a lot more stress every day than we probably ever will they cant even go on vacation without people snapping pictures of them, its no wonder half of them are in rehab, you would probably be addicted to something too if you had to deal with their life. And furthermore who gives a dern if he dosent look like a freakin bodybuilder, he dosent want too, and you can be sure that he is more fit than you because you have to be to be in musicals like hairspray and high school musical times 3 its harder than you think.

  9. zoe Says:

    Dear Zac efron
    I think you so cute as cute as can be and handsome i think you are really fit and i love you so much i think you and vanessa are the coolest and cutest couple
    From zoe
    P.s i would hug you every moment of the day and kiss if i could

  10. Kayla Says:

    OMG I LOVE ZAC HE IS SOOO HOT AND CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Natalie Says:

    Hi Zac..
    I love you so much i would be anything and do anything just for you
    Zac you and Ashely Match not you and Vanessa she cheated you you Zac
    Put her off your listi have everything of you Zac…… I love you Zac for ever and ever..


  12. Suzy Says:

    Zac your so hot!!!!

    will you marry me?

  13. Sarah Says:

    I love Zac!
    and obviously alot of other girls do too!
    your so jealous, its obvious!

  14. chelsea Says:


    ZAC has a total HOTT body.. lol i like to see him

    ilyy zac.

  15. Amanda Says:

    oh my gosh zac is amazingly hawwt!
    he has the best body and he was so amazing in high school musical 3!!!!! he is so hawt!!!!! he sings he dances he acts, and he’s hot and he has great abs! nothing is bad about him!!!!!

  16. Ashley Says:


  17. Unknown Says:

    i think you mean 14.5 centimeters.
    14.5 inches is more than a ruler.

  18. sabina Says:

    No he is not to skinny he is soo HOT!! Love hiim myy boyfrindd Hehe’:*
    Vanessa and zac look good togehter zac is a hottie’ and vanessa is pretty.


  19. chantal Says:

    zac is very hot
    kiss chantal

  20. emily yeo Says:

    he’s hot like bacon on a sunny day.

  21. kristen Says:

    I love you zac you are such a good actor i admire i have nothing in my room but you.

  22. lena Says:

    zac you are the best and you now that you and vanessa and l Think that you Lock so quite to gather and I wish that you well stay to gather for ever
    Love you

  23. Sam Says:

    I think Zac’s body is perfect the way it is. Nothing is wrong with him in this photo. His nicely tonned, with hot abs, pecs and bisceps. And the smile just tops it off. His perfect the way he is and anyone who says otherwise are obviosly either jealous of him of crazy!!

  24. seastar Says:

    zac efron u r hot hot hot hot hot and a mega cutie, u hve one damn body and u should break up with vanessa because she is cheating on u and so dont be with her got it.

    with lots of luv

  25. Jenny Says:

    dont slate him. your just jelous you dont have what hes got. so until you are bigger than him leave him alone!!!!

  26. brooke Says:

    zacs hhhhooooooooooooooottttttttttttttttttttt and skinney who cares

  27. VeXxX Says:

    no way 14.5!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  28. raymo Says:

    hehe mine r 16.5 with a 45.5 chest, 14 forarms and 51 shoulders, with 6% bodyfat! oh well not everyone wants to have a muscled body. he needs to eat more carbs and protien to pack on muscel. bet ya the dude who wrote this artical is a wantabe bodybuilder who is small (everywhere). haha. bro u can do better than vanessa…….stuck up ****

  29. amby Says:

    I think most women do not find ‘bulk’ sexy on a guy, which is why brad pitt comes out on hot lists all the time. Working out to tone up and stay lean is way better looking than bulking up to hulk like properties… Thats why Zac is so envied and lusted after!

  30. MK Says:

    Zac Efron is soooooooooooooo hot shirtless!!!!!!!

  31. Bryan Says:

    Zac is so cute, its not only girls who think so. This guy trying to diss him probably means hes jealous of zac. how can you say Zac is too Skinny? Hes not too skinny, hes Perfect!

  32. Tyler Says:

    Wow, what a skinny twig, I’m sorry but how can anyone say that is even remotely big? Tell you what Zak, gain 100lbs then come back to see if you’re big.

  33. cathycat Says:

    zac is so sexy. i keep his pic on my laptops background cuz he so cute and fine.

  34. Rich Says:

    He is defiantly not to skinny. I wouldn’t even use the word skinny. I am built like him 7.5% body fat. I work out every day, working out is not just lifting weight; cardio is a big part of working out. Cardio also helps with endurance which is good for other things, if you get what I’m saying. Also women statistical like thin medium built men with nice muscle definition.

  35. Rhiannon Says:

    zac efron is soo sexy sweet, kind , and from what i understand caring i wish he was mine and who cares if he is skinny i’d rather him be this way than ultra fat! that would just be straight up ugly!

  36. Sexy Boy Says:

    Man I thought hating over someone elses body was something girls do but now I know guys are just as idiotic. I like zac’s body and I think he has a great one. I think guys who have super huge muscles are gross. Well not all of them just alot of them. He is cool because he has a muscle LEAN body. He is cool and ppl need to stop hating. He is not too skinny, too skinny is when you have nothing. He has nice chest toned arms and a sexy stomach. A skinny guy is just skin and bones and nothing else. He has an amazingly hot bod and he doesn’t look like some old dude in his 40′s he looks like a hot young guy, dudes need to seriously stop hating lol

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