Work Out Season 3

Work Out Season 3Bravo’s Work Out season 3 is almost here. Yee haw! Yep, it is the return of gym owner Jackie Warner and her crew of head-case trainers at her Beverly Hills Sky Sport & Spa. They are all back for a third season of hissy-fit drama in this popular reality series.

Sure, you can feel the heavy hand of the show’s producers, but these buff and beautiful trainers are all such willing puppets they happily self-destruct just for the chance to get in front of the lens.

Jackie flirts with them, invites them into her personal life – and then gets mad when they step across the imaginary lines she draws. It is the most delicious kind of TV junk food! Bravo’s Work Out season 3 premieres Tuesday, April 15, at 11pm on Bravo. Do not miss it! [source: Star]

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