Work Out at Work

Work Out at Work

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Take every opportunity to add steps into your day.

Choose the stairs instead of the elevator, an easy way to increase your activity. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of Nutrition, Physical Activity, and Obesity found that when a stairwell in the Koger Center Rhodes Building in Atlanta was remodeled, use of the stairs increased among employees.

To learn more, read “StairWELL” under “Toolkits” on Share the information with your employer, particularly if you consider your building’s stairs unsafe or unattractive.

Take a walking break, even when you are extremely busy. Walking the hallways for a few minutes every couple of hours makes you more alert, decreases stress, and increases your productivity. Next time you need to brainstorm on a project, ask your coworker to walk and talk.

Work out at a gym. Use part of your lunch break to exercise. Take advantage of your office fitness facility, if available. Or ask your employer to request a group discount at your local gym.

Take advantage of a flexible work schedule, if offered. Businesses often allow employees 30 minutes to one hour of variable time to accommodate exercise. Ask your employer if that’s an option for your workplace.

Seek variety
. The employees at the Fire Science Lab in Missoula, Montana, “adopted” a dog at a local dog shelter and now they take the dog for a walk or run at lunch.

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