Women Lifting Weights

Women Lifting Weights

Women lifting weights is a beautiful thing, but some beginners, especially overweight women, tend to shy away from lifting substantial weights. They say something like, “I do not want to be bulky and get any bigger. I just want to get toned.”

But you know what happens then? These people do not see results because light weights are just not challenging enough for their muscles.

A good tip to be aware of is that when you get to the 10th repetition, your muscles should be popped. If you feel like you can crank out a few more reps, you need heavier weights.

Do not worry that a challenging strength routine will make you bulky; it will only make you less jiggly. It will also strengthen your bones, boost your muscle power for walking and will preserve, or even speed up, your metabolism as you lose weight.

Personally, I would love to see more women lifting weights at my gym. Women who lift weights are sexy; they show determination to be fit and healthy.

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