Whoopi Goldberg: Weight Loss

Whoopi Goldberg: Weight LossWhoopi Goldberg sure has a lot to brag about.

In addition to snagging Rosie O’Donnell’s old spot on The View, Whoopi has also lost more than 50 pounds on the LA Weight Loss plan.

“I was 210 pounds and I got down to 142,” she says.

“I’m more comfortable in my body, and I didn’t have to change my lifestyle. I now believe anything is possible ,” says Whoopi.

Though she gained a few pounds back before starting her new TV stint, Whoopi, 51, is ready to buckle down again.

“I started slacking off, but I’m going back on it,” she says. “I really like the program. It works for me.”

How much weight do you want to lose now?

I’ve put maybe 10 or 15 pounds back on, so I’m 157. I’m going to try to lose that. I want to get back down to between 145 and 148 – that’ll be comfortable. [Source: In Touch, Photo: Annie Leibovitz]

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