Whitney Houston Weight Gain

Whitney Houston Weight Gain

Whitney Houston‘s weight gain – real or not? If Whitney Houston’s weight gain is not real, why does she look pregnant? Maybe Whitney Houston’s weight gain could be explained by an extreme case of bloating, but I doubt it. Personally, I am not surprised by Whitney Houston’s weight gain. I mean, when people abuse their bodies and do not pay attention to their eating habits, they gain weight. There is nothing surprising about that.

How bad is Whitney Houston’s weight gain? According to a source, her current weight is around 180 pounds, which, if true, is scary. Is Whitney Houston’s weight gain out of control? I have no idea, but if her current weight estimates are correct, she needs to start dieting as soon as possible, don’t you think? In 2001, she was very skinny. In 2008, just before her big comeback, she looked great. Now she appears to be overweight. Do you see a pattern here? I do. Whitney Houston’s weight gain seems to suggest that she is a yo-yo dieter.

People who cannot maintain a healthy weight range often go through a series of weight losses and weight gains until they realize that one can only maintain healthy weight by eating whole foods and staying active. Let’s see how long it takes Houston to realize that she needs to start paying serious attention to what she eats.

What do you think – is Whitney Houston’s weight gain going to continue until she hits 200 pounds or is she going to start losing weight soon? I hope for the latter. [source: Star]

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  1. Patricia Says:

    I think if you’re a true Whitney fan that you will love her no matter what her weight is. I feel like the people that write rude and hurtful things about celebrities lack real journalism talent. Okay we all know Whitney has had some struggles BUT she is human and NONE of us are perfect. I say get off the fat trip I’m sure there is a reason for the weight gain, whatewaver it is CUT MY GIRL SOME SLACK. Needless to say I am a die hard Whitney fan and I keep her in my prayers. Why don’t we pray for those that we think are troubled instead of bashing them in the news? Oh, I’m certain we won’t hear news of people like myself who are supportive.

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