What to Eat on a Diet

What to eat on a diet, can you tell me? I need to know what to eat on a diet, because I’m really trying to lose 20 pounds in 4 weeks and I’m dieting, but I’m not sure what to eat on a diet I follow right now. I’ve heard carbs are bad. Is it true? Should I eat dairy and fruits or should I eat meat and chicken? When I asked a guy at the gym what to eat on a diet, he said to drink like 5 protein shakes a day and eat protein bars. Should I do that? Thanks. Richard. P. [via Ask Questions]

One way to find answers to your “what to eat on a diet” question is to read the What Not to Eat to Lose Weight post. In short, to lose weight safely, you need to follow a balanced diet. Eat cultured dairy (reduced fat, but not low-fat yogurt and cottage cheese), meat, poultry, fiber-rich vegetables and fruits (think berries), leafy greens, steamed vegetables, healthy fats (olive oil, canola oil, avocado oil), eggs, egg whites, fish, and canned fish (think tuna, sardines and salmon).

Protein shakes and protein bars are fine, assuming you use high-quality protein powder and protein bars that are not high in sugar, but in any case, use them sparingly and focus on eating real food. As for carbs, no, they are not bad, per se. Having said that, while I do not think it is a good idea to exclude certain nutrients from your diet, I think it is a good idea to limit your consumption of simple carbohydrates.

I hope the above gives you a pretty good idea about what to eat on a diet. I cannot get any more specific since you have not provided any details about your current diet, but I do want to point out that besides knowing what to eat on a diet, it is also important to correctly estimate your daily calorie intake. If you have not done it, do that first, then focus on what to eat.

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