What Is Casein Protein?

What Is Casein Protein?Continued from Good Sources of Protein.

Like whey, the other milk protein, casein is also a complete protein and extremely high in glutamine – the predominant amino acid in muscles and body tissue.

Some studies show casein offers superior gains in strength over whey due to its slow absorption, which provides a release of amino acids over a longer period of time.

For athletes looking to maintain lean muscle tissue, casein may be beneficial before bedtime because its slow absorption will supply the body with protein through the night. Overnight, the body enters a catabolic state (breaking down tissue for protein).

In order to minimize muscle and subsequent strength loss from the catabolic processes, some athletes take a protein supplement before retiring. If you decide to do so, consider a product including casein.

Usually micellar casein (the natural, undenatured form of casein found in milk) and calcium caseinate (also a good source of calcium) are available in protein powders.

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