What Can I Eat for Breakfast?

What can I eat for breakfast in the morning? What can I eat for breakfast if I can’t eat morning cereal? Deedee G. [via Ask Questions]

I can eat cereal, but I do not want to eat cereal. What is wrong with eating cereal for breakfast? Why would you want to eat junk food in the morning or during any other time of the day? Yes, I just called morning cereal junk food, because it is. It has no nutritional value, or at least it does not contain anything that you cannot get from a basic diet. I mean, unless I am missing something, there is no shortage of sugar and vitamins out there, but I digress.

There are many healthy breakfast options out there. If you need to lose some weight, you might want to take a look at the weight loss breakfast options. The all time classic, also known as the eggs and bacon breakfast, is another good option. Sometimes, a simple protein shake works, too. Egg whites, oatmeal, chicken, steamed fish with veggies are also something you might want to consider.

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