Weight Loss Tips for Teens and Adults

My teen daughter has started to gain weight. How can I help without nagging her? A few small changes to your family’s routine can make a big difference in your daughter’s weight and lead to healthful habits for life. Try to get the whole family involved by shopping, planning meals, and cooking together.

Eliminate “empty calorie” foods, such as sugary soft drinks, chips, and cookies and focus on vegetables, fresh fruits, whole grains, cultured dairy, and lean proteins. Plan an occasional dessert so she will not feel deprived. Stay away from white carbohydrates.

I manage to stay on track during the day. But the evenings are torture. I have many cravings, especially for sweets. What can I do? Have a plan of action for your nighttime cravings. Save 100 to 200 calories for an evening snack. A 0.5 cup serving of sugar-free ice cream is 120 calories and may take care of that sweet tooth.

Just measure your treat, put it in a bowl or on a plate, and savor every bite. To take your mind off snacking, you may want to find some activities that help you unwind, such as reading a book, listening to music, or soaking in a warm bath. These activities not only take your mind off food, but also help you relax.

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