Vitamin Water sucks, you know that, right? But what about vitaminwater10? Is vitaminwater10 any better than the original Vitamin Water? Vitaminwater10 sounds better, it is low in calories – only 10 calories per serving – but one bottle contains 2.5 servings. Most people drink the whole bottle, which means one bottle contains 25 calories, not bad.

I am happy that vitaminwater10 is sweetened with a combination of naturally-derived sweeteners such as erythritol, it also comes in a number of tasty flavors, but the question is: Should you go ga-ga over vitaminwater10?

Personally, I have mixed feeling about vitaminwater10. On one hand, I like vitaminwater10, because it tastes great, looks cool and contains a lot less calories than other drinks. On the other hand, just like Vitamin Water, vitamin water10 still tries to be something it is not.

Is it water or is it a vitamins shop? It seems to contain more vitamins than my local GNC store, what is up with that? I do not like the idea of getting my vitamins from water. Water is for hydration. We should be getting our vitamins from a balanced diet, just like the nature intended it to be.

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