Vitamin Shampoo

Vitamin shampoo? What in the world is a vitamin shampoo? Is it like vitamin water only for your hair? No. According to the vitamin shampoo’s ad, it is “an energy drink for your hair.” Here is what the rest of the ad says. (It sounds like an ad for a fruit juice).

“We aspire to make better choices. We try to eat better, exercise, and take better care of ourselves…but, what about our hair? Vitamin Shampoo is infused with natural goodness like high potency superfruits containing vitamins and antioxidants, along with nutrients, minerals, proteins, and essential oils.

Vitamin Shampoo cleanses away life’s impurities. It’s the best nature has to offer, plus it’s sulfate and paraben free smells incredible! Vitamin Shampoo is your hair’s daily dose of vitamin and antioxidant enrichment!”

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