Victoria Justice Diet

Victoria Justice Diet

Victoria Justice‘s diet – healthy or not? Victoria Justice’s diet is healthy, but can you really use Victoria Justice’s diet in conjunction with the fat burning cardio and perhaps sugar detox to lose 20 pounds in 1 month? Maybe, maybe not. It is hard to say whether or not Victoria Justice’s diet can help you lose weight because while she does follow a pretty good diet, she does not need to lose weight. In fact, some would say that she needs to gain a few pounds.

Why would she need to gain some weight? Is Victoria Justice skinny? Well, perhaps she is not too skinny, but she is not overweight either. Anyway, let’s take a closer look at Victoria Justice’s diet. So what does she eat? She does not count calories, which is great, because people often get too obsessive with trying to count every calorie they consume. I am not saying it is not important to keep track of your overall calorie consumption, but there is no need to make this process harder than it already is.

Her breakfast is extremely healthy; she usually eats eggs and toast, some fish oil, and a protein shake made with rice milk and powdered greens. Lunch and dinner are also very healthy – protein and vegetables, but if you think that she stays away from indulgences that are high in fat and sugar, think again. Yes, she eats ice cream whenever she wants to eat ice cream. Overall, her diet is balanced and it shows. She looks fit and healthy. [source: In Touch]

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