Vegetarian Omega 3: Algal Oil

Vegetarian Omega 3: Algal Oil

Algal oil? Vegetarian omega-3s? Huh? What in the world is algal oil? And what does algal oil has to do with vegetarian omega-3s? Have you even heard of vegetarian omega-3s? I have. They suck. So what is going on here?

We know that one of the most potent forms of omega-3s, DHA, comes from seafood, so how can non-fish-eaters get the amount they need to stay healthy? With algal oil capsules!

A study in the Journal of the American Dietetic Association found that these algae-derived supplements may provide heart-protective benefits similar to those of fish fillets.

After taking 600-milligram capsules daily for two weeks, healthy men and women saw their blood levels of the fatty acid rise as much as those who got the same amount from salmon.

“While these supplements may be a good source of DHA, keep in mind that seafood supplies protein, vitamins, and minerals you won’t get in a pill,” says Penny Kris-Etherton, R.D., a professor of nutrition at Pennsylvania State University.

Unless you are a vegetarian or dislike the taste of fish, she recommends eating two 4-ounce servings per week, preferably of an oily variety, such as salmon, mackerel, tuna, or trout. [source: Shape]

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  1. Rebecca St Says:

    One of the best vegetarian diet benefits is to have a healthy and good looking skin. Most of the foods in the diet of a vegetarian have a high quantity of water and antioxidants. As most vegetarian diets are full of fiber this also ensures that vegetarians have a healthy digestive and immune system.

  2. whitney Says:

    Is salmon or krill oil the same as algae oil?

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