Unhealthy School Lunches

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Unhealthy school lunches are still in schools. Why unhealthy school lunches are are still around? Because when it comes to unhealthy school lunches, parents are either ignorant or simply do not care.

The good news is that school lunches have improved, but they still have a long way to go. If your kids do not want to bring lunch from home, educate them about making healthy food choices when they are not at home. Generally speaking, most meals are still consumed at home, which is an opportunity to teach your kids how to read ingredient labels. Do not just talk about making healthy food choices, stock up on healthy snacks, fresh fruits, vegetables (preferably organic), no-sugar-added yogurt, wild fish, grass-fed beef, organic poultry, and never use food as a reward. It is also a good idea to teach your children about what white carbohydrates are all about. Once they know everything there is to know about white carbohydrates, it might be a good idea to get familiar with the following posts: White carbohydrates to avoid at all costs and The list of white carbs.

Lobby school officials for more low-calorie, protein-rich foods, as well as natural and organic fruits and vegetables; also raise awareness of physical education and other exercise programs (many school districts have these on the chopping block), but do not count on the school to do all the work, because the current physical education requirements are not enough to prevent obesity. Make fitness a family goal and cycle, jog, swim, walk, and play tennis or other sports with your kids.

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