Tyra Banks Eating Plan

Tyra Banks Eating Plan

Tyra Banks‘ eating plan is intriguing. Why? Because Tyra Banks’ eating plan is not low in calories. In fact, Tyra Banks’ eating plan is relatively high in carbs and calories and yet, she looks great. Surprised? Do not be. Given what we know about Tyra Banks’ diet and Tyra Banks’ workout, nobody should be surprised that she looks good. As a former super model, she certainly knows her body very well and what it takes it stay in top shape.

Sure, Tyra Banks’ weight gain is hard to forget, but hey, nobody is perfect. Even super models are not immune to an occasional weight gain here and there, which is a good thing. Why? Because it is a reminder for the rest of us that it takes work, dedication and consistency to keep our bodies in a good shape. Assuming you eat healthy most of the time, it is perfectly acceptable to go off your diet plan once in a while, but if you get carried away, your body will respond by gaining weight.

So what does Tyra eat these days? Let’s take a closer look at Tyra Banks’ eating plan. Side note: since Tyra’s weight is normal, her current diet is probably not for those who need to lose weight. That having been said, Tyra’s overall diet strategy is sound. For example, she says people should not skip meals and even when she is on the go, she always makes an effort to find healthy food choices.

Breakfast (about 550 calories) A cup of coffee, a few slices of ham, granola and yogurt.

Lunch (about 370 calories) Usually she does not skip lunch, but when she is on the go, she is not afraid to go with whatever is available. On one busy day, for example, she had a fruit and milk smoothie for lunch.

Snack (about 560 calories) A few slices of cheese and some nuts. She also likes to snack on protein bars and 100-calorie snacks.

Dinner (about 470 calories) A salad with pork and some sweet potatoes, some fruit and a Diet Coke, no bread or butter.

Total Calories: about 1,950 daily calories [source: OK!]

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