Turducken Recipe

Turducken RecipeWith Thanksgiving approaching fast, you are probably thinking of getting that nice turkey for the Thanksgiving dinner. I love turkey, it tastes great and it is a good source of protein. But I have had turkey for every Thanksgiving dinner I can remember.

Where is the fun in that? For this year’s Thanksgiving dinner, I would like to try something different, and I found it. It is called Turducken. Have you ever heard of it? The name sounds as if it came from Borat, and just like the movie, it is a whole lot of fun.

The turducken recipe is for those who love poultry and think that just turkey is not enough. This rather unusual culinary creation is made by stuffing a turkey with a duck, which is then stuffed with a chicken (all de-boned).

For extra flavor, some recipes call for wrapping a turducken in layers of bacon, which threatens to put fried Coke and the Heart Attack Grill’s creations to shame, so if you come across those recipes, you may want to skip that part.

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