Tru Blood Beverage

Tru Blood Beverage

What in the world is Tru Blood beverage? It is a doozy! It is described as a “synthetic blood nourishment beverage.”

The nutritional information for this scary concoction does seem to be available, but it does say “synthetic blood products contain varied cellular content than actual blood.” (Roles eyes) – Yum!

If you are ballsy enough to try Tru Blood, let me how it tastes.

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11 Responses to “Tru Blood Beverage”

  1. znworK Says:

    A tad sweeter than the real thing. Very light.

  2. Azzerrr Says:

    Are you serious?

  3. Jill Ackles Says:

    where can you get it??

  4. Rich Says:

    where can you purchase this drink??? is it an actual synthetic blood or is that all just bull???

  5. elizabeth Says:

    where can you find this beverage..
    i really want to drink it

  6. Chris Says:

    Yes,TELL ME WHERE TO FIND IT!!!! God I saw the ad a while back and I would buy a shizload if I could find it

  7. Rainy Says:

    This is a promotional “beverage” for an HBO series on vampires. It is currently sold out & that was the origional intention…. to make it unattaiable, create a buzz for the new series.
    I think the next place where you will actually be able to purchase this (in limited quantity again I’m sure) is at the the ComicCon convention.
    Good luck finding it.

  8. hank Says:

    the product is used on the HBO vampire tv series “Tru Blood”. Check the website The beverage is the warm synthetic blood that is consumed by the vampires that live openly among the human population in the TV series. It does not exist on any store selves.

  9. Sophie Says:

    If you look on the HBO website, you will be able to purchase it by Sept. 8. But you can pre-order it by now.

    It’s said to be a “lightly tart, sweet orage beverage” with the look and probably texture of the blood.

    Should be interesting. Definitely buying it! Even tho its listed at 4$ / bottle! GEEZ!!!!

  10. lorena Says:


  11. Marc Says:

    I picked up a case of this for free at the Penny Arcade Expo in Seattle, in September. There were a few cases left over, and the volunteer staff running the event got to make off with them. It’s one of the best sodas I’ve had, but when I looked online to see where I could get more, it had a real nasty price tag. No thanks.

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