Trans Fat Promotes Weight Gain

Trans Fat Promotes Weight GainIt’s not just a killer artery clogger – trans fat may pack on more pounds than other types of fat.

Researchers at Harvard Medical School examined data from 41,518 women and found that, over 6 years, every 1 percent increase in the portion of calories from trans fat the women ate resulted in a 1.7-pound weight gain.

Translation: A woman who eats 6 percent of calories from trans fat (that’s 120 calories in a 2,000-calorie diet) would be 12 pounds heavier after 8 years than a person eating the same number of calories with no trans fat.

Researchers aren’t sure why trans fat may lead to more weight gain than other fats, but the advice is clear: “Avoid processed foods and only buy things that list the trans fat content as zero on the label,” says lead study author Alison Field. [source: Women’s Health]

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