Tracy Marrow Ice-T Shirtless

Tracy Marrow Ice-T Shirtless

Tracy Marrow shirtless – hot or not? I think Ice-T‘s shirtless bod is disappointing. In fact, I think Tracy Marrow’s shirtless look is one of the worst I have seen lately. What is going on with him? Why does he look as if he has been eating lard and donuts for the past three years? I do not know why Ice-T’s shirtless appearance is less than appealing, but I know this: He has the body to look good without a shirt.

I do not think he should go into extremes to lose 20 pounds in 1 month, but don’t you think he needs to do something to get in a better shape? I think so. If he does not know how to lose weight, he can hire a personal trainer. There is no shame in that. A lot of celebrities use personal trainers and nutritionists.

But what do you think – Ice-T shirtless – do you want to see him without a shirt in public, or do you think he should always keep his shirt on? [source: Star]

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