Tracey Gold Anorexia: Weight Loss

Tracey Gold Anorexia: Weight Loss

What is the deal with Tracey Gold and anorexia? Is Tracey Gold anorexic? Five months after giving birth, Gold is happy to fit back into her size-4 jeans. “I probably still have a few more pounds that I’d like to lose,” she admits, “but I feel comfortable.”

Tracey Gold: anorexia Tracey, who battled anorexia during her teens, says she does not exactly know how much weight she gained carrying her 8-pound, 4-ounce baby because she refuses to weigh herself. “I don’t talk numbers. I can’t go down that road,” she says. “Because of my history with anorexia, the scale is just the enemy. I go by clothes, and I’m able to wear most of the clothes I was wearing before I got pregnant.”

Tracey Gold’s anorexia lessons Tracey did not deprive herself in the food department during her pregnancy. “I had fun. I allowed myself to eat whatever I wanted and really enjoyed it,” she says, adding, “I think I had dessert with every meal!” So after Dylan was born, she knew she would have to up her willpower.

Tracey Gold’s dietI’m a snacker. I love munching,” Tracey reveals. “So I tried to really just cut out a lot of that ‘fun food.'” That meant replacing her favorite salty chips and mixes with healthier, more nutritious treats. “I’ve never done any formal diet,” she says. “It’s all about making good choices.”

Tracey Gold’s weight loss But compared to her three previous pregnancies, losing the baby weight this time around did not come as easily for her.

Tracey Gold’s workout Tracey does not hide that she hates working out. “Before I got pregnant, I never exercised,” she admits. “I wouldn’t say I’m athletic, but I have good stamina, so I started to run a mile a day, and that really started helping the weight to come off.” [via]

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