The South Beach Diet Book

The South Beach Diet BookContinued from TOPS Club.

Diet Book: The South Beach Diet by Dr. Arthur Agatston. Miami Beach cardiologist Arthur Agatston set out to find a diet to prevent or reverse heart problems that stem from obesity. He then wrote this book.

Philosophy The South Beach diet attempts to control a person’s insulin levels through consumption of the right carbs and fats.

Components The diet comes in phases. Phase 1 primarily consists of vegetables, low-fat cheese, meat, and fish and is very restricted in carbs – no bread, potatoes, fruit, or rice.

Phase 2 introduces whole grains and fruit. In Phase 3, there are no new limitations, except those already stipulated.

Should you consider it? This low-carb diet doesn’t advocate large amounts of unhealthy saturated fats and encourages healthy complex carbohydrates in moderate amounts.

Do not stay on Phase 1 longer than recommended. Consider having your blood values checked by a physician at six to eight weeks.

Designed for people who: Are too smart to go on a low-carb diet but want a regimented eating plan.

Our opinion The South Beach diet may be the best of the low-carb diets. While not as carb-restrictive as some diets, it does eliminate refined carbs such as pasta, white bread, potatoes, and rice.

The diet’s reliance on whole grains, lean protein sources, and healthful fats is commendable. We find it odd that this cardiologist makes little reference to the importance of physical activity.

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