The Healthy Bean Coffee Is Freaky

The Healthy Bean Coffee Is FreakyThere are many myths and misconceptions about coffee. Some have merit but most do not.

So, the next time someone has nothing better to do but to tell you that coffee stunts your growth, roll your eyes and reply that they should try a cup of French Roast from The Healthy Bean.

Wait, wait a second, what does coffee have to do with growth? You see, the Healthy Bean coffee is infused with whey protein – and by now most of you probably know that protein supports muscle grows.

Huh? Yeah, I’m still trying to rap my mind around this peculiar infusion process, but according to the Healthy Bean, their coffee contains 5 grams of whey protein.

Did I mention that the Healthy Bean’s coffee beans are organic, hand-selected and fair trade certified? They are. But so are many other brands, right? Yes, except that this coffee is also infused with antioxidants, including extracts of pomegranate, wild blueberry and grape seed.

I don’t know if all this infusion is actually effective and preserves the necessary nutrients, but the Healthy Bean coffee ( was the strangest cup of coffee I have ever tried. Oh, by the way, you can’t taste whey protein or any of the exotic extracts. It has a regular coffee taste and tastes pretty good.

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