The Bonus Years Diet

The Bonus Years DietRed wine and chocolate are health foods? According to physician and master-trained chef Ralph Felder, MD, PhD, author of The Bonus Years Diet, these “bonus” foods – along with fish, fruits and vegetables, nuts, and garlic – are proven to promote heart health and longevity.

The Bonus Years Diet offers meal plans and recipes that are not only tasty but will also trim waistlines, helping to add “bonus years” to your life, maybe.

The Bonus Years Diet has been developed as a nutritional alternative to the cocktail of common cardiovascular drugs, this eating plan emphasizes foods that ensure health, rather than depriving readers of foods they enjoy.

Of course, it has not been scientifically proven that this diet is actually as effective as cardiovascular drugs, but it is known that say, dark chocolate (in moderation) is better for our health than French fries, so keep that in mind. [source: Taste for Life]

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