Tamra Barney Diet

Tamra Barney Diet

Tamra Barney‘s diet is pretty pathetic. In fact, Tamra Barney’s diet is not really a diet at all. What is it? I am not even sure how to describe it, but Tamra Barney’s diet sounds like a starvation-maintains diet of sorts. Instead of eating food, she picks at food. Does she need to lose 20 pounds or something? No, she does not need to lose any weight at all, but she is one of the so-called housewives from The Real Housewives of Orange County reality show on Bravo – so, you know, it seems unreasonable to expect coherent thoughts from that bunch.

How much does Tamra Barney weigh? Her weight is just 113 pounds. And check this out, she claims that she has been maintaining the same weight since high school. By the way, her height is 5’4″. Despite these facts, according to Tamra, she “always feels fat.”

“I’m not a big eater. I pick at food,” she says. She clearly is not someone who needs to exercise – in other words, the fat burning cardio is not for her – but she tries squeezing in four workouts a week anyway.  “As you get older, it is hard to stay toned and that’s been my biggest struggle,” says Tamra. “I do not know that I have a great body, but after four kids, I can definitely say I am fortunate!” But plastic surgery is still on her list of things to do. She is considering is a third boob job to go smaller. “I’m over big boobs,” she says. [source: In Touch]

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