Suicide by Sugar

Suicide by Sugar

Suicide By Sugar: A Startling Look at Our #1 National Addiction by Nancy Appleton, PhD, and G.N. Jacobs.

Suicide by sugar – really? Suicide by Sugar sounds alarmist and unreasonable, don’t you think? I mean, are we really killing ourselves simply because we eat sugar? I do not think so. In fact, I would argue that it is necessary to eat sugar, just like it is necessary to eat saturated fat.

Sugar is not evil. Eating too much sugar, on the other hand, is bad for our health (for more on this, read about sugar detox). Suicide by Sugar does a great job explaining why over-consumption of sugar, which is prevalent in Western diets, is slowly but surely destroying our health. The book lays out 140 reasons – all backed by scientific research – why it is prudent to cut down on sugar.

Suicide by Sugar claims that sugar has become omnipresent in modern diets and because of that it suppresses our normal immune system function, elevates insulin levels and contributes to obesity and some cancers. In short, it throws the human body out of balance.

This book does not only explain the dangers of sugar, it is a comprehensive guide that provides valuable and easy to follow tricks, tips and techniques to help you curb your sweet tooth. It also includes a list of very useful online resources and recipes that are designed to tame or completely eliminate our sugar addiction.

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