Steven Seagal Weight Gain: Steven Seagal Fat

Steven Seagal Weight Gain: Steven Seagal Fat

Is Steven Seagal fat? Is Steven Seagal’s weight gain surprising? It is more surprising than Jared Fogle’s weight gain, that’s for sure. As far as I remember, Seagal has always been in a pretty good shape. What happened? Steven Seagal’s weight gain is puzzling for a number of reasons: he is into martial arts and he is a police officer – shouldn’t he be in top shape? I guess the donuts could have done some damage, but c’mon, he looks like a bloated walrus.

And just like Fogle, he needs to start thinking about how to reduce belly fat. His belly fat is getting out of control. Should he go on the celery diet or something? No, the celery diet is not going to help him lose weight, but he clearly needs to lose some weight, which begs the following question: How much weight does Steven Seagal need to lose?

My estimate is that he needs to lose at least 40 pounds. Actually, to look really good, he probably needs to lose 50 pounds, but losing 40 pounds would be a good start for him. The only question is: Is he going to do it? Personally, I do not think he will. Maybe he will lose some weight, but I do not think he is planning on losing 40 pounds anytime soon. I hope I am wrong, though. [via]

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2 Responses to “Steven Seagal Weight Gain: Steven Seagal Fat”

  1. Martin Spiegelberg Says:

    The question isn’t whether or not he will lose weight the real question is: IS STEVEN SEGALL HAPPY? That is all that matters.

  2. Brian Says:

    I remember when Steven Seagal first came out with Above The law. I went to se it in the theaters. At first I didn’t like it because I didn’t understand it. Just like the theater rviews had been saying about it, it truly was an entirely different type of movie than the ones that had been out. Anyway, after I moved to Milwaukee and got into fitness and martial arts myself, me and some buddies went to see Seagal in town at a Aikido demonstration. We never got to see Seagal however. Then I watched his other movies like Hard To kill and Out For Justice. I watched Above The Law again on VCR, and then I understood it. It became one of my favorite Seagal flicks. He was in the toppest of top physical shapes back then. There just wasn’t any other action star out there that was in the shape and had the mental physique as Seagal, Not even fake martial artist and cocaine/steroid junkie Jean Claude Van Damme! But now, not only is Seagal a gluttenous, food-inhaling, belly-whaled man, but he is also a washed-up Hollywood Star which after all of his floppy, dumbass movies of late, especially his Born To Raise Hell newest flick, is just nothing more than a Hollywood failure fatty. After watching Born To raise Hell and not understanding one damn bit of it, I finally decided that I was no longer a loyal Steven Seagal fan. I did have such hope for him and that he’d return with great action movies like Under Siege and Out For Justice. But he has let everyone of his loyal fans down with making these rediculous movies. Hell, I bet I could whip Steven Seagal’s ass in person. It would be easy because I’d win from forfeit because he has gotten so fat and disgusting looking, he wouldn’t ever be able to get off the couch to answer to my challenge! And that is all I have to say about that! I hereby announce that I am Denouncing my faith in Seagalism! I denounce it totally!

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