Soy Milk vs Cow Milk

hex bar deadlift vs straight bar deadlift

Soy milk vs. cow milk – which is better for you? Soy milk vs. cow milk – which milk product is more nutritious and delicious? Soy milk vs. cow milk could be a pointless comparison. Why? Because the soy milk vs. cow milk showdown is all about, wait for it, milk. Many people believe that milk is for babies only. Adults should not drink milk regardless of its source. So what is the point of doing the soy milk vs. cow milk thingy if milk is bad for us?

Well, I do not necessarily believe that milk is only for babies. I used to believe that, but lately I have come to a conclusion that there is nothing wrong with using milk in certain situations. I still think that people who are trying to lose weight should stay as far away from milk as possible. Those who are trying to gain weight, however, may find milk to be very useful, but there is more to it than just gaining weight.

I am talking about taking the hex bar deadlift vs. straight bar deadlift to the next level. How? It is simple. Drink cow’s milk and deadlift. The result? Your are not going to gain just weight, all things being equal, you can expect to gain muscle mass. It goes without saying that there is a pretty big difference between simply gaining weight and gaining muscle mass.

Here is something else to keep in mind. Cow’s milk is an almost perfect post-workout drink. Why? Because it contains two different types of protein, whey (the so-called “fast” protein) and casein (the so-called “slow”) protein. What happens when you combine whey and casein post-workout? Perfection. And by perfection I mean that cow’s milk helps your body recover after an exercise session.

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