Sofia Vergara Diet

Sofia Vergara Diet

Is Sofia Vergara‘s diet healthy? Can Sofia Vergara’s diet help you drop unwanted pounds? Can you follow Sofia Vergara’s diet while losing weight? The answer to these questions is probably no. Why not? Where do I begin? While I would not say that Sofia Vergara’s diet is terrible, it seems to contain a relatively high amount of simple carbohydrates. Here is the list of good carbohydrates and here is the list of bad carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates are bad. Simple carbohydrates are white carbohydrates, which are different from brown carbohydrates, which are good for you, in limited quantities. Here is the list of white carbs just in case you need to know what not to include in your diet. That having been said, we do not know everything about her diet. Why would I think that? Because she looks outstanding. All things being equal, people who eat a lot of sweets are overweight and not in shape. She is not overweight and seems to be in a pretty good shape. Is Sofia Vergara’s workout responsible for the way she looks?

I do not think so. So what is going here? Here is what she says about eating sweets: “I am obsessed with desserts!” Cookies, ice cream, bananas are all high in carbohydrates, which begs the following question: How can she be eating all this stuff and still look good and not gain weight? Moderation. It is not about not eating any sweets and not indulging your cravings. It is about eating what is probably not good for you in moderation. [source: In Touch]

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