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I would like to know if smart lipo surgery is done in europe? If yes, can you give me name of clinics or doctors who do the smart lipo in belgium or france. Thank you, Amal. [via Ask Questions]

I am not sure if Smart Lipo or Laser Liposuction is available in Europe. I have heard that in the U.K. they do something similar, but I do not know if they use the same equipment that is available in the U.S.

I have not heard anything about the availability of Smart Lipo in France or Belgium. I doubt the procedure is available in Belgium. France, on the other hand, probably has it, but again, I do not know for sure. Your best bet to find out is to call around and ask. Pick a few hospitals in Paris, call them, and ask if the do Smart Lipo – if they do not, they probably know where Laser Liposuction is available in Europe.

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  1. european Says:

    do you think that europe is still living in the stoneage? of course laser liposuction is available, ALL OVER europe. However, due to the lower rates in obesity thanks to the healthier lifestyle and higher quality of food, there is less demand for it than in the united states of macdonalds

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