Slim Shots: Do SlimShots Work?

Slim Shots: Do SlimShots Work?What is with the Slim Shots? Should the clenbuterol crowd be worried? Can Slim Shots really help you lose weight?

The Slim Shots ad says the following: “Eat 30% less without feeling hungry! Imagine how great you’d look if you ate up to 30% less every day! Now you can with SlimShots, the great-tasting liquid appetite controller that helps reduce your hunger for up to 8 hours. Supported by four separate clinical studies.”

Where are these clinical studies? Maybe they are published somewhere but I could not find them anywhere. Okay, so we do not have the studies at the moment, we do know, however, what SlimShots contain. They are made from natural oat and palm oil.

I suppose the combination of oat (which contains some fiber) and fat from palm oil may help curb your appetite a little, but can’t you attain the same or better results from a good diet? Yes, you can.

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  1. beverly Says:

    what do the slimshots taste like? it looks like milk of magnesium! please let me know. and if they really do work i may(probably) give them a shot!

  2. wendy Says:

    i lost 8 lbs the first week i love these – taste is horrible but well worth it

  3. Lili Says:

    I liked them, but liked formula pi2 better, they tasted better and still dropped my calorie intake, help eating less is really the key.

  4. hope Says:

    I found the studies here is the link on the website I just tryed one today and I am not hungry and the thought of snacking is not existent I am full feeling so weird and no jitters like with diet pills.

  5. Sonya Says:

    Do they really help with sweet cravings?

  6. Michael Says:

    I’ve been taking slim shots for a few days now and quite honestly, I barely notice a difference in my appetite. I was hoping for more of an affect and a bit disappointed given the expense of this product.

  7. Veronica Says:

    I am on day 3, and they are working for me. I am eating less. I am a big snacker and have totally minimized my cravings and intake of snacks. I am excited to continue and see results. So far, so good. But, be aware, I think the taste is gross.

  8. Maureen Says:

    I started slimshots two days ago, and may have alittle less of an appetite, but think its too early to tell. The taste reminds me of having an upper GI and drinking that crap. I do however have a full glass of water and a mint right beside me which I take as soon as I swallow the slimshot. It does help. Otherwise, I gag. I also tried to mix it with my yogart strawberry smoothie, but I could taste it the whole time. I have bought the product other places and they were not as expensive.

  9. JC Says:

    I usually have a major craving attack between 8am-10am & I typically eat a chocolate chip muffin. I took a slim shot today @ breakfast & passed the craving period without even realizing it. I took another slim shot at lunch to see how it will affect my evening cravings. The taste doesn’t bother me at all. Tastes like something I would put in my coffee.

  10. Debbie Says:

    I used it for 2 days so far and have not seen a difference. I may try using 3 a day.

  11. Mary Jane Says:

    It doesn’t taste bad–sort of like eating sesame seeds or sunflower seeds in a liquid form. I lost 100 lbs since last year from having gastric bypass surgery, but I have arthritis real, real bad and need 2 knee replacements because of it and exercising this body is somewhat tough. I need an extra boost now. Slim Shots made me less hungry–instead of 10 bags of popcorn, I only ate 6. hahaha Just kidding.. I think it helps. I really didn’t eat that much popcorn, but I couldn’t finish the bag that I popped. I got to it later though. I don’t think Slim Shots tastes bad either. I’ve been drinking whey protein powder just over a year now…now, that stuff is bad. The best whey isolate protein powder I have found is made by Syntrax–Fuzzy Navel flavor is great and tolerable.

  12. alicia Says:

    I have been taking slimshots for about 1week now and the taste isn’t so bad if you put it in coffee. The benefits however have been amazing my appetite has decreased dramatically since starting I literally have to make myself eat at least once per day because I don’t have the desire to eat but i beleive one of the side effects are headaches and fatigue because I’ve noticed an increase in headaches and feeling tired. I have not weighed myself since starting but I do feel alot slimmer and less tight when wearing my jeans.

  13. Chloe Says:

    I’ve been taking for two weeks and notice extreme headaches under the base of my head and neck. Also distorted vision. Anyone else experience these side effects?

  14. HG Says:

    Day 2 — It is def. working for me. I am not hungry at all and can choose when and what to eat with a clear head. Haven’t noticed any headaches so far, but again, only on day 2. What’s in this stuff?

  15. Nancy Says:

    Need something to control cravings and curb appetite. This is Day 1 for me. No headaches or nausea. Had Shot with breakfast before you know it was noon and I had no cravings whatsoever. I had the second Shot during lunch, at noon and right now I am feeling a little like the “munchies” but not a need to have it now feeling. Hopefully, this evening will be a winner, my hardest battle. I will continue to take this and will continue to seek support from all you Slim Shotters. Keep up with online reporting/comments. How will we ever know if this is working? Right? STAY TUNED……………….We can do this!

  16. Dee Says:

    I am a late night, all night long eater. Therefore, I take a shot at Lunch time and again at Dinner time. This is day 3 for me. I am definitely noticing that I am not thinking about what’s for dinner at 3:00pm in the day – not running up and down the stair in my house to see what’s in the kitchen that I can bring back upstairs to the bedroom. Totally not snacking all day long at work – Once I have my dinner – I don’t even want a desert like Jello with whip cream -even though my protein diet says I can have it – just don’t need it with the slim shots. I feel this is working for me -so far anyways.

  17. B. Trapp Says:


    You are probably having little energy and headaches due to the fact you are only eating one meal a day. Try eating healthy snacks to keep your energy level and your metabolism up.

  18. Casey Says:

    Okay, just purchased the stuff. Taking it on a weekend vacation. Eating out is definitely a weakness for me. Portion control goes out the door. Whenever I do social dining, at home or in a restaurant, I have trouble. It starts with the bread plate or the appetizers….Anyway, I post this before I even use it. I want to be able to write here on Monday evening, when I return from my trip, stating that I gained no weight–maybe even lost some! I’m also bringing apples to keep in my purse, and soy jerky, which gives me something very low cal and savory to chew on. I’ve just lost 4 pounds by my own efforts and I don’t want to gain them back because I lost control in a bunch of great restaurants. I’m glad I found this site. Thanks all for the anecdotal information. I just wonder if there are any long term negative effects given its lack of FDA approval….

  19. Clara Says:

    I started using slimshots about one week ago and man is there a difference. I am an eater – I love the taste of food even when feeling full but the shots have made it so that I cannot physically eat as much as before. Instead of having a large lunch I’m full with a half salad! Instead of being able to eat 4 slices of pizza I could barely finish 1! I’m hoping that as I add exercise into my routine I ‘ll see the weight come off.

  20. Casey Says:

    Okay. I’m back from my trip. SS helped me to handle restaurant eating. We would have such late reservations–7 or 8pm. This is usually disastrous for me. I get so hungry waiting around to have dinner. And then there is the challenge not to order the way others are ordering.

    So, I only gained a half pound! Didn’t graze on the pre-dinner bread, felt okay to order a couple of appetizers for my meal, wasn’t tempted by the desserts. Tasted others’ and was fine with a coffee. Also, I felt no desire to clean my plate.

    I plan to use SS when I go on trips and when we are having dinner with guests at our house or dining a someone else’s.

    I don’t really need it the rest of the time. If I have planned my meals, and right now I’m using a delivery service for lunch and dinner at their 1200 cal level, I will be okay without it.

    I need just a little bit of leverage, and this will help, along with exercise and planning what I eat. Oh, and having lo-cal snacks always in my purse.

  21. Casey Says:

    I just read the ingredient list of Slimshots to discover why some people may get headaches. You should read up on phenylketonurics; phenylalanine. Also, aspartame isn’t the best thing for people to ingest on a regular basis. Perhaps that is the source of headaches. I haven’t read any positive pieces on the phenylalanine. Slimshots is not fda approved.

    So, my use will definitely be occassional.

  22. Angry Says:

    I’ve commented more than once to the fact that this is nothing more than coffee creamer, and I notice that each time, it’s removed by the “moderators.” Afraid of a little truth? You are SUCKERING these poor people who simply want to be healthier.

    If you aren’t afriad, please feel free to POST MY COMMENT. Or are you too busy taking money from victims?

  23. Ida Says:

    I have read each comment and am definitely interested in starting up with SS. Does anyone else have high blood pressure? If so, did taking SS cause any problems?

  24. Gina Says:

    I started SS yesterday and found that it does work for me…call it mental, I don’t care. Even if it just makes you think it…then so be it. I love food and it is a problem for me and I want to lose the weight and if this helps then I am going to do it. I felt full and had to make myslef eat lunch and all I could eat was one slice of pizza and I usually eat four!! I am going to keep using it and see where it takes me!!

  25. Valerie Says:

    I just started them today, and I haven’t had much of an appetite, I think they are working wonderfully.

  26. angela Says:

    are you crazy? i have been on these things for just over a week already and lost over 11 pounds. I get to a point in which I almost forget to eat. they work and they work big time…for real!

  27. diana Says:

    I started Slim Shots day before yesterday and really noticed a difference with much less appetite! Im so encouraged to stick with my diet now that Im not feeling deprived as much when I eat since I really do nothave much appetite anyway :)

  28. Jay in Texas Says:

    I just started this weekend. I dreaded beginning the Slim Shots because I worried that it would be like taking a dose of or horrible tasting medicine, but was very surprised. The taste wasnt bad at all and I have not even wanted breakfast. If you take a shot at 6am and a shot at 3 or 4 pm then you are set for the day and night.

  29. Gina Says:

    I started these about three days ago and have already lost 5 pounds. I feel full and don’t eat as much, which works for me. If people saythey don’t work it’s because they aren’t giving them a chance. I haven’t experienced any headaches or any side effects at all so far…so I say keep trying and will check back again soon.

  30. Kit Says:

    I started 5 days ago and at first I experienced a decrease in my appetite, but then for the last night two nights I started having a hard time going to the bathroom and my craving are going thru the roof. Possibly I could be having a reaction… I’m going to stop taking them for a few days and see what happens.

    Cravings are a diet killer for me… and I liked this – it was a quick easy way to cut those… plus I didn’t have that fog feeling you get with some diet supplements.

  31. Marissy Says:

    Hi all. I just started these on Saturday and im not seeing a major change. I still get hungry. I take one with breakfast and one with lunch ( 8am and 12:30pm). Maybe i need mor time? also after the second shot i took 2 days ago I started feeling a tingly stinging pain in my chest and stomach area that lasted for a litte less than a minute. Im not sure if its a side effect of the drug. Anyone else experience this.

    Also how much do you ppl weigh that you’re losing 11 and 5 pounds in a week. Id be ecstatic if i could lose 10 pounds. Thats what im trying to lose 10-15 pounds.

  32. Kathy Berg Says:

    I started today, only took 1 this morning. The taste was not bad at all, As for the headache etc, if you are cutting out the carbs that could explain it. On Atkins it is called the “induction flu”, & goes away in a few days. I lost 30 lbs last year on very low carb/low fat, but have gained it back. If this helps me get back on track I will be a happy girl.

  33. betty Says:

    Just started these yesterday after MUCH research. I don’t do well with typical diet products and cannot handle stimulants in any fashion. I am doing fine with these. They do take the edge off and I feel they help me in identifying emotional eating from actual hunger eating. I am not obsessively thinking about food. I have a vacation coming up and am just trying to get a few more pounds off before we go.

  34. Gina Says:

    It’s really not important how much we weigh, it’s important that we want to lose the weight. If you are only needing to lose 10 pounds, then perhaps this is not for you. Just cutting calories and a little exercise will do the trick for that amount. We want to lose the weight and this helps us get started on the track of getting used to eating a little less so that we can do that.

    On that note, I am still taking them with no side effects and am doing good. I think when you know what the side effects are you tend to imagine having them…just put them out of your mind and then see how it goes. Keep it up for those of you who are doing well, we will get there.

  35. Mike Says:

    I am considering slimshots due to having problems with binging. it’s not as much about losing weight for me, but i just want to get over my constant thoughts of food and eating. i am just wondering if this has helped a lot of people with binge eating/compulsive overeating.

  36. Gina Says:

    Hi Mike, it helped me. When I am upset or depressed I tend to eat, I started taking the slim shots and I didn’t feel hungry and stopped the snack eating too. All I can say is give them a try…nothing to lose except the weight. I do understand what you mean because there are times that I would binge as well and they stopped that because I wasn’t hungry or anything…so try it and see if it works for you. They are not that expensive and it never hurts to try. Good luck to you!!

  37. Carolyn Says:

    Hi Mike,

    I’ve been on slim shots a week now, and it has definitely helped my compulsive eating. I haven’t eaten at night all week! And I don’t spend as much time thinking about food. I have only lost a few pounds, but I’m not trying to lose quickly, so I’m pleased with that.

  38. Lisa Says:

    Here is the truth about Slimshots. Slimshots does in fact make you feel full even when you’re not. That may possibly help some lose weight. However, if you are an emotional eater like myself – this will not help you. Slimshots will not make you want to eat healthy and it will not make you want to exercise. Normally I eat whatever and whenever I want—even when I am not hungry and even when I am full. I’m sure many of you who are reading this are emotional eaters so please take this into consideration before purchasing this product. So, did it make me feel full? Yes. Did it stop me from eating? No. My side effects: headaches

  39. Terry Ann Says:

    I tried Slimshots three days ago and it got rid of my appetite from the first dose. It was till in my head to eat at first, but by day two, I was noticing that I would have to THINK about eating on purpose because I was just not hungry.
    I have not lost any weight even though my caloric intake has been reduced. I will wait to see by the end of the week for weight loss. But for now, I am very pleased with the results. I did notice a bit of a headache, but that may be because I am not eating as I used to.
    The jury is still out for me, but I am going to continue because the price and method and feeling is right for me. I hope this is “IT” ! Thanks and hope this helps.

  40. Tammy Says:

    I just got back from grocery shopping, while there I found SlimShots and purchased it. I am planning on starting it in the morning.
    So thankful for finding this site too.

    I work an office job and my husband runs his own business so we are never on the same “eating” schedule. I snack allday at work and he doesnt have time for lunch, so when he gets home at the end of the day he is starving and guess who isn’t!
    I will fix dinner or order pizza, which either one is always late, I end up eating when Im not really hungry, then the going to bed with a full stomach! I only need to lose around 15-20 pounds so I am really hoping that SS will work for me.
    Will update later after I have had a chance to try this product….crossing my fingers!

  41. Hannah Says:

    I have been considering starting slim shots, because I am considerably overweight and want to eat all the time. My doctor had me on a steroid called Prednazone (I’ve forgotten how to spell it) for about 5 years, and I still have appetite problems even after being off of it for almost a year. I hope this works for me. I will be starting in the morning.

  42. Vickie Says:

    I started SlimShots yesterday and have been pleasantly surprised that I’m not hungry. Usually on a weekend I’m constantly grazing but not this weekend.

  43. Kat Says:

    This is week 2 for me. At first I thought they were amazing and really curbed my cravings and appetite overall. Now I’m finding they do nothing in week 2. I”m very disappointed. I had high hopes going in as I really felt like Slimshots could help me. Not anymore.

  44. Janet Says:

    I started SlimShot this week and so far have had a very good response. My portion control at meals is much better; I get full much faster and do not eat large portions. Also, snacking is much less tempting. Evenings is my real problem time and I am thinking about taking one in the late afternoon to see if I can get through that period better. I have high blood pressure and congestive heart failure. Losing weight is pretty much a medical necessity for me — as in — do I want to live a bit longer? You betcha! I have had no ill side effects from SlimShot. It works by soaking into the upper intestine (lleum) and slowing digestion. So the way I get it, you feel full because the food you ate digests slower (my interpretation). I was afraid of “bathroom” problems, but have experienced no change at all as a result of SlimShot. AND I AM LOSING WEIGHT!

  45. Ann Says:

    I am on day 3 and so far I have eaten less. I lost 65 lbs. but still want to lose another 15. I have been on a paateau for about 5 mos. but I tend to get lazy and just snack instead of making something healthy. I work out 7 days a week and that is probably what has saved me from gaining back any weight. I am hoping this will help curb the urge to binge and snack in the eveings until I can get back to regular more healthy eating habits and lost the last 15 lbs. I will check the scale on Thursday when it has been a full week. Hope to see some lower numbers.

  46. Rosie Says:

    Giving them SS a try. Day one, took one early a.m. then again at noon. Definitely ate less for dinner.

    I am a little concerned because the packaging calls slim shots a product of Sweden, but then I logged on to find out more and this website says they’re from China. (Have frequently read reports about Chinese imports that are hazardous to our health — turkeys, lipstick, toothpaste, toy trains, vinyl backpacks. etc.) Can anyone answer that concern?

    I will see what happens. I am overweight because I eat too much at night and snack a lot during the day. I am a nervous eater, and a secretary to a psycho boss (but he is leaving in two weeks — yea). I also have a super active toddler and am just tired all the time. I used to be super healthy then I got pregnant and it kicked my butt (morning sickeness all day and night for 9 months). Now I am just lazy.
    My mom and husband are super encouragers and I am going to try this and get some exercise. :) Mom is in the kitchen cutting carrots and celery for me – my son is trying to stick his finger in the electrical outlet.
    I definitely ate less today and I have a weird headache but i’m going to bed.
    :) hope you others succeed, too.

  47. amy Says:

    I have taken these for a month. They are not coffee creamer,compare it you will see. Any way I have lost almost five lbs. It is really important to know that you have to do a lifestyle change, it is possible to eat through the pain so to speak. Exercising alone wasnt good enough for me. I still found myself constantly snacking from 12pm stright thru dinner. It took about 3 days for ss to start working for me. I was full,so I reminded myself to find something else to do instead of eating. After about a week I quit craving foods when I was full, And eventually I started only eating meals,and a small snack about 3pm.This took a month.I lost about a pound a week and hope to lose several more. I do not have a specail diet, I ate a chicken bbq pizza slice yesterday.This stuff has helped me change my eating habits and I love it! I reccomend it and hope every one has a good of luck as I did.

  48. isabel Says:

    first off, they do not taste good but they are tolerable. at first its pretty bad but the after taste is actually pretty good. i haven’t lost any weight yet but im only on my second day

  49. Cate Says:

    I just began taking Slim Shots after seeing the ad on TV and then looking at various websites, including this one.

    Ok. This is day 2 and I just took my second shot. I have to say it is working beautifully but I CAN”T BELIEVE THIS ISN”T THE PLACEBO EFFECT.

    I am a big time cynic and I saw nothing online or within or on the packaging to make me believe that there is anything in this stuff that actually does anything. However, for some reason it really seems to be working.

    Yes, it does look like coffee creamer. No, it doesn’t taste that bad. However you can certainly taste the oats and it is kind of medicinal. But have some kind of chaser ready and you’ll be fine.

    Let me repeat, I am very skeptical and believe that what I’m reporting is the placebo effect. I have no doubt that it will wear off very soon. I’m not willing to believe this works until I have a full week of controlled appetite.

    I’ll update soon.

  50. Lisa Says:

    Is this safe for people allergic to nuts?

  51. Cate Says:


    I think the FDA requires that common allergens be listed as ingredients (wheat, soy, tree nuts, milk, etc.) Nuts are not listed as ingredients–but then the complete ingredients are not listed on the label, either. I read somewhere you can find the complete ingredient list available on–although I haven’t looked myself.

    I would just say try it and have the epinephrine ready just in case. It’s working for me.

  52. Joy Says:

    I’ve been using slim shots for two weeks and I’ve lost 7 pounds (without exercise) I love that kind of result! I have tried EVERYTHING else to lose the weight and have been frustrated time and time again. This is easy and yes the taste is something that you have to overcome, but the results are worth it! I’ve actually gotten use to the taste and it doesn’t bother me anymore! This week I’m adding an exercise routine to the slim shots and have high hopes of loosing even more wieght at a faster pace! I really notice that I don’t have the desire to eat as much, and my sweet cravings have pretty much diminished to nothing. That alone is worth taking slim shots for, especially since I used to eat chocolate daily. I hope that it keeps working for me!

  53. Robin Says:

    I just started yesterday and I am LOVING this! I have tried so many diets and can’t use anything that has stimulants as I am a recovering drug addict (8 years). I went out to dinner last night and could barely eat 1/2 my little 6 oz steak. I sure hope SS keeps on working.

    By the way….if it IS placebo effect….who cares, it is working!!!

  54. Corinne Says:

    I have to say these work great!. I have been trying to get a diet going for 5 years. This is the first time I have ever stuck with a diet for more than a day without serious cravings. I have no Cravings! I am taking them whenever i get a snack attack. Its works great.

  55. Robin Says:

    Has anyone tried doing more than two shots a day? I am on day three and am noticing some cravings….though not as bad as usual. I am concerned about at night , after dinner, during my TV watching. Any thoughts?

  56. Teresa Says:

    Headaches from this product are caused by aspertame and phenylalanine. It’s toxic. I read it on the label and put it back on the shelf. Read up on the effects of aspertame toxicity and the occurence of brain tumors after prolonged use. The research will amaze you.

  57. Laura from Boston Says:

    Could someone please let me know where I can buy SS. I’d rather go to a store and purchase it rather then on-line.

  58. Natalie Says:

    I have been using SS for a month. I do not skip meals (that is why some people experience headches and fatigue). Although, I have no appetite to eat, I make myself eat. I eat small portions at least four times a day (even if it’s no more than fruit). I have lost 32lbs. I exercise 60 minutes four times a day. Before taking SS, I could not lose the weight, no matter how much I exercised. I would eat the wrong types of food causing me to have a daily high caloric intake. To lose weight, you have to burn more calories each day than you take in. Since I have been using SS, I don’t have the urge to eat unhealthy foods.

    SS never promised a miracle. It curves your appetite from desiring high caloric foods and snacks. The rest is up to you.

    As for folks that are worried about brain cancer due to aspartame, recent studies are as follows:

    Aspartame Myths: Brain Tumors

    Leading Scientists Around the World Confirm Safety of Aspartame

    So, for the record, Aspartame is safe.

    Smoking will kill you (eventually).

    Best wishes to ALL!!


  59. Cate Says:

    Teresa–the aspertame in the slim shot is exactly what is used to sweeten most diet sodas. However, the slim shot is only about 1/2 an ounce. A can of soda is 12 oz. While I have no data as to the amount of aspertame in one slim shot, I’d guess it’s a lot less than the amount used to sweeten one can of soda. I don’t plan on taking these more than 1 month and I never drink any sodas, diet or otherwise. I don’t think this little bit of aspertame used temporarily will do that much damage.

    Robin: That’s what I meant about placebo effect. But for me, placebo or no, it is still working beautifully and today is day 10. I had thought that if I began to have difficulty I’d increase the dosage to 1.5 shots 2x per day. I don’t know if that will do anything, but based on how it’s been explained that these work, I’m guessing it could help.

    If I have it right, the slim shot is some kind of slow digesting blob of fat that settles in your small intestine, digesting slowly and making you feel satiated longer. It seems to me that if you increase the size of that blob of slowly digesting fat, it could help get over your current difficulties. That’s what I plan on trying if I begin to have problems later on.

    BTW–I haven’t weighed myself yet (day 10) and I’m afraid I’ll be disappointed if I do, but I absolutely feel as if I’ve lost weight. The number on the scale doesn’t matter that much to me. It’s more about how much better I look.

  60. kelli Says:

    what if you wanna take slim shots just to lose some weight and then you don’t want to pay/take them anymore? do you think you will gain all the weight back? i am so scared that is going to happen to me. that would stink! all that money and work down the tubes.

  61. T@Z Says:

    so i’m hoping this product truly works bc i’m desperately want 2 loose weight. i just had a baby girl karli who is 2 6mths. i love her a lot but i hate the after affects towards my body. i will keep commenting and hoping it works n hoping its not slim fast n many more products 2 where u loose, but gain it all back once u stop!

  62. Amy Says:

    I have been taking them 4 days ago and although they aren’t great tasting I can get them down. I noticed it working the first day. I am good in the morning so I take mine at lunch and I haven’t snacked after lunch or ate dinner all week and that was my goal. I can’t seem to eat a good dinner so I try to stay away from it all together. It has definitely supressed my appetite! I will keep taking them and see how it goes.

  63. Cathy Says:

    I finally made the decision to try SS and this is my first day. Since it was after breakfast, I took it just before lunch. Not sure if it really works this fast, but I ate half of what I usually do and got really full. The real test will be how much dinner I will eat and if I can go through the rest of the night without wanting dessert or a snack. Nighttime is my most difficult time to get through. Hopefully I can get back on the exercise track which has been non-existent lately. I’m a little concerned with the palm oil in it since my cholesterol is a bit high right now. I’ll give it some time and hope it works and that I don’t make my cholesterol level go any higher. Anyone experience this since taking it? Stay tuned.

  64. cat Says:

    well its day one for me and so far so good it makes watching the food network easy.

  65. Katie Says:

    Kelli – that’s exactly why I have been all this research – I don’t want to start taking SS and then quit, only to gain a ton of weight back!

  66. Shelly Says:

    Today is day 10 and I have lost 2.5 lbs. I’m very happy with the results & it seems to curb my cravings. I eat three times a day but do not snack between meals anymore. :)

  67. Janet Says:

    I am most of the way through my first box of 30. After the first few days, they seem to have stopped working for me. I’ve taken them periodically now for a couple of weeks with no real results. I always go up and down a few pounds. I lost 20 pounds before SS and then “got stuck.” I’ve hit that barrier and still have not broken it. I’m going up and down between 18-22 pound loss. Perhaps if I increase the SS intake, it will begin working again. I’m really trying hard to lose and have started exercising. I hope the rest of you continue to have success!!!

  68. Vickie Says:

    In the first 5 days I lost exactly 6 pounds – I know this because I weighed at my cardiologists office on the same scale! Only 1/2 a pound during the second week but that was because I had out of town company for most of that week and was not remembering to take the slimshots. By the end of the third week I had lost a total of 10.2 pounds!!!

    This is absolutely wonderful for curbing my appetite. I’m relearning good eating habits in the process and have found that I cannot eat as much as I was previously eating.

    Thank you SlimShots – I’m very happy to have found a natural product with no side effects. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  69. Kelsey Says:

    I bought these slim shots that did curb my appetite for the most part but I dreaded even thinking about these slim shots. I eat pretty gross things but this stuff just makes me gag.

  70. Rachel Says:

    I am on my 4th day of taking these and I love them! I take one around 5:30 am and then one around noon. They don’t taste bad at all, plus it’s only like half a gulp. I really do feel full all the time, I even notice that I’m leaving half my food on my plate most meals. I am certainly not having cravings for food. I just highly doubt this is a placebo effect. It’s like my stomach just doesn’t even WANT food. I can think of foods that I usually LOVE and go “yuck”. It’s sort of funny that people are saying they are having fatigue and headaches and blaming it on SlimShots, but then saying they’re only eating once a day. Um, duh.

  71. jean young Says:

    just gettting started but didn’t mind the taste. will throw it in my morning coffee!!!

  72. Vickie Says:

    Hi Rachel – I’ve been chuckling over the claims of headache, etc. when they are not eating right.

    I’m making far better choices and trying to re-learn the correct way to eat which will go a long way to helping me maintain my weight loss when I’m down to the weight I want.

    I’m going to weigh in again tomorrow – I’ve got my fingers crossed!


  73. Kim Says:

    I’m starting today to see if they reduce my night time cravings. I am good thru midday…then graze from around 5p-bedtime. here’s hoping… will try & check back to let u know how I feel they are working for me.
    I have an intial goal of 16 pounds I’d like to lose.

  74. Brandi Says:

    I also find the claim of side effects interesting – because one person mentioned the drug(s) in the product… but there are no drugs in this product. And, true, aspartame is not good, but I guarantee most of us ingest it everyday because it is used as the sweetener in the majority of “diet” foods and beverages. Taking these will not poison you; there are no drugs to produce side effects. Talk about placebo… :)

  75. kate Says:

    They do work to suppress appetite but I absolutely get a headache from them and I believe it’s the aspartame. I hope they will reformulate the product to get rid of the aspartame. They taste really bad and I would rather they didn’t have the putrid sweetness the aspartame gives. Just plain would be better. The appetite suppression is real for me and that is amazing so I think they are on the right track, just get rid of the aspartame please.

  76. Jenn Says:

    I found the slim shots to be amazing! My appetite is definitely down when I take them, though I do notice constipation from it. I have already lost 2 pounds in 4 days.

  77. Paula Says:

    I love them! I’ve been taking slim shots for a few weeks now and I have definitely seen an improvement in my eating habits and have lost 4 and a half pounds. I don’t get hungry late at night anymore and I feel satisfied. It has really helped my eating behavior so far and its so easy to fit into my busy lifestyle. I definitely recommend them to anyone who overeats like I always did.

  78. Rick Says:

    Ok. Just bought a box at the store and had my first one. My problem is at night. During the day I’m fine. I’m 6″1 245lbs and I’m trying to lose 30lbs. I’ll let you know how things are going in the next couple of days.

  79. Janet Says:

    This is my 3rd and final post. After increasing the intake of SS to 2-3 morning and afternoon, I found that after the first few days any effect they had was negated. However, I’ve found something that absolutely works. Has anyone out there really studied fiber and its effects on the body, weight related diseases and its benefits? I am able to get 10 grams of fiber in morning oatmeal and then 10-12 at lunch in a tortilla or two pieces of bread. You do have to look for “WHOLE GRAIN” on the label; often whole wheat does not contain much fiber. Fiber naturally keeps you feeling fuller and has less calories. I am not nearly as hungry when I maintain an intake of 20+ grams of fiber daily. It helps lower cholesterol and blood pressure, as well as relieves constipation if anyone has any of those problems. Since educating myself about fiber, I have been able to break through the plateau of 18-22 pounds lost, which I stayed at four over three weeks. I’m now down a full 25 pounds. It is also much cheaper than buying SS.

  80. Maria Says:

    I took slim shots for a week and immediately noticed bloating/gas. The bloating/gas was extremely painful and had to stop taking it because I was not able to function. I did notice that it suppressed my appetite a little bit but it was not worth all the pain.

  81. Amber Wilhoit, RD, LD, NSCA-CPT Says:

    As a dietitian, I would love to encourage you all to consider saving tons of money by seeing someone with proven results using methods completely research-based who help weight loss/ weight maintenance clients on a daily basis. It is so very easy to hope for a pill or drug to make hunger go away or to make the pounds melt off. That’s why nutritionals is a BILLION dollar industry. I am sorry to say that it doesn’t exist–or if it does, there are horrible consequences (bariatric surgery (can have many side effects or the good may outweight the bad), olestra and anal leakage, jitters, light-headedness, even death in some cases, and countless weight loss drugs that have been pulled from the market). Not to mention the toll yo-yo dietitng takes on your body. Every time you lose weight rapidly, you lose mostly water, followed by muscle and calcium. Most, if not all people cannot afford to lose muscle mass (which raises metabolism and keeps you lean, or calcium, which you stop storing after age 35 or so). I believe in making small positive changes to your diet for long-term, LASTING results. Anyone can “lose 10 lbs in 10 days”, but how many can keep it off? Less than 5%. I have personally helped clients lose 20-160 lbs and they have kept it off without being on a diet. I am saying this to help you and my fellow RDs (dietitian/ nutritionists) and not to further my business. Please visit the website for the American Dietetic Association to find a dietitian professional who specializes in weight loss and healthy eating in your area. All dietitians who are registered and licensed have completed a 4-year degree in Nutrition and Food Science and have completed a year internship in dietetics. Also, we as health professionals, care about your total health and not making a quick buck.

  82. Dietitian Says:

    I have read many of your responses and would like to make my comments. Ask yourself, can you live your whole life on Slimshot or any other appetite suppressant pills or drinks? I firmly believe that sooner or later we all need to learn healthy way of eating than trying any fad diets and drinks. Some of you have complaint of headache and fatigue. Well if you do not give your body optimum nutrition that it needs, it is not going to run normally and your body will feel malfunction. Have you read any researches that have done on slimshots? what it is made up of? very important to consider the points that I have mentioned before you decide to go with this! Good Luck!

  83. Janet Says:

    I agree with the professionals posted just above. Although I cannot afford the services of a dietian, I went to the Health Department in my city and took some nutrition classes. They were most beneficial. I am now keeping a daily food journal and find that it helps me make better decisions. I am counting not only calories but cholestoral. I wish someone made a device that would do this for you! With today’s tech savvy people and so many people trying to lose weight, I believe it would be a real good seller. I have lowered my blood pressure and cholosterol, and my weight loss stands at 28 pounds. The really good thing is that I am eating well, feeling better, and getting full. This is a lifestyle change I can live with. I am amazed at some of the delicious meals that are within the confines of the recommended daily food allowance for a diet. I believe I am finally on the right track and this has been a long, hard road for me.

  84. Louie Says:

    If you look closely at the ingredients, you will find this to be COFFEE CREAMER. And worse, it’s not even good creamer, but crap made with artificial sweeteners. So, if you want to save money, go to the store and buy a box of individual coffee creamers, and tell yourself that it is somehow all you will need to survive on. And you WONDER why you have headaches? Oh, come ON! You have headaches because you are STARVING yourself. Some of you have noticed weight loss because its ALL WATER. You have appetite suppressant because you are telling yourself that it works! Something else that works wonders is just loving yourself the way you are, in your own skin. That way, you do what you do because you care for yourself, you love yourself, and those things you do are most likely to be much more healthy. And then you REALLY lose weight. Seek your inner beauty, and love the person inside!

  85. Amber Wilhoit, RD, LD, NSCA-CPT Says:

    Way to go Janet! Have you looked at the American Heart Association’s website for information on lowering cholesterol–there are also many affordable books for purchase at on heart-healthy eating. Since you have so much data collected in your food journals, it should be really easy for a dietitian to help you make some small changes for an even larger effect. I can respect your budget. Just keep in mind that if getting help means saving money later on healthcare/ medication expenses, time, and effort that it would be worth it. I love that you used the term ‘lifestyle change’. I think that’s every dietitian’s favorite saying.

  86. stacey Says:

    me and my friend really want to try these but before i fork out all that money i really want to know if it really does help lose weight or is it a coffee creamer and your losing weight cause you are staving your self!i really need to know as this is an expensive product to buy if its just fobbing all us good people off please get back to me on this all the people that liked and dis liked it thank you

  87. Sue Says:

    I just tried slim shots, don’t know what to make of it yet. Read quite about about the Shangri la diet or whatever (drinking a tablespoon of lite virgin olive oil). One of the comments I read said to consider whether you, the consumer, found it feasible to buy slim shots for the rest of your life. I think that if slim shots helps curb ones appetite, they’ll eventually be eating less naturally so if they go off slim shots they’re not going to need as many calories as they used to have… previously to using slim shots.

  88. Melissa Says:

    Casey (and everyone else who doesn’t know):

    Take it from someone who worked in the pharmaceutical industry testing products– the FDA can only regulate and approve things marketed as DRUG PRODUCTS. Drug products are things that are prescribed, like prescription painkillers, Viagra, etc, and they are rigorously tested before approval. The company must meet requirements, as must their drug products, because they are used for the treatment and/or prevention of certain medical conditions. The FDA does not (cannot?) regulate something used only as a supplement. If you look at the fine print included with most diet pills, or other diet products such as Slim Shots, you will notice that it is classified as a SUPPLEMENT and is NOT meant to treat or diagnose any medical condition and that you should consult a physician before beginning use of that or any diet product.

    For everyone using diet products, please please use caution– because most are not regulated by the FDA, their safety has not been tested or proven in the long term. Look for the “clinical tests” the companies claim to have carried out. Do some of your own research. Seriously, ask your doctor. Just look at all the damage ephedrine caused before it was taken off the market, and that was in diet pills not regulated by the FDA. Who knows? Maybe the stuff really only works by placebo effect and you’re wasting your time and money on yet another “miracle” diet drug.

  89. ASSinTheAIR Says:

    me and my friend both started this together. I don’t know what her results are but I like mine. I’m on my second day. I still snack on junk food but i think thats old habits, which are already almost completely fix. I take it before lunch and I’m not in the mood to snack after school. I LOVE IT

  90. JJ Says:

    Going to Kauai, Hawaii in less than 20 days and would like a quick fix to lose vanity 10 lbs.- I’m certainly hoping this will do the trick! I don’t think it’s a good long-term solution, by any means, but for a quickie deal, it seems safe enough.

  91. JS Says:

    The taste is NOT that bad…it’s a thin liquid with an oat-like aftertaste. And they really DO WORk, at least for me. I’m a hardcore snacker. I haven’t EVER been able to go for more than a day without overeating a lot of sweets…with this stuff I’m on day three and haven’t even THOUGHT about eating between meals. I usually eat about 400-500 calories in the morning (breakfast and snacks)…now I can get by quite comfortably on 200 calories. I feel fine, I’m just not hungry.

    Its a LOT easier to make healthy food choices when you aren’t feeling the compulsive urge to eat all the time. For me, these shots are like willpower in a little cup. I’m hoping using these for a couple of months will help me break my snacking habit, and help me to incorporate better nutritional choices.

    Satiety is very complex phenomenon physiologically. This product seems to target one of the simpler mechanisms involved. I’m sure that they work better for some people than for others, since we’re all slightly different physiologically. That said, for me these things work REALLY well for me, and I’d recommend giving them a try (by the way, I’m NOT associated in any way with the company or anything).

  92. LISA Says:

    I just started slimshots yesturday. I am not sure how much they are curbing my appitite or if its my mind telling me its working… I do however feel extremly full.

  93. Michelle Says:

    I started taking SS about 2-3 weeks ago and have lost 5lbs! It definitely helps with my appetite. I usually have a mid-morning and mid-afternoon urge to snack. I take one before lunch and I am able to feel full at about 1/2 way through my meal. Then I take another about 5:30pm and it takes me through the evening. I eat a small portion dinner and am able to avoid snacking. I have had NO side affects. I would suggest SS to anyone wanting to lose weight!

  94. Lorraine Says:

    Louie above is right. Take a good look at the ingredients, all it is is coffee creamer. You would get the same satiety benefit from the teaspoon of olive oil just about 20 minutes before you eat, and it’s a lot cheaper.

    I also liked what Louie said about self-love. Products such as this are predatory on those of us who are willing to spend a fortune on anything, no matter how pie-in-the-sky, if we thought it would work.

    Those of you who think it works, it does. Because you think it works.

  95. Nelson Says:

    Read through the comments and I’m desperate to lose for health reasons, forget the beauty part of it, I must lose to get healthy. The comments here and other places I’ve read are by and large majority of them anyway, on Slim Shots’ effectiveness are very encouraging and though I’ve spent probably thousands throughout the last 30 years trying to lose and only gaining, gaining, gaining, HERE’s HOPING. I guess there’s a fool born every second, or is it sucker. We shall see, we shall see. I ordered the Slim Shots from Drugstore and hope to be back here with good news within a month. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that this time my hope will be fulfilled.


  96. Angie Says:

    I am on my third day of slim shots. I would describe the taste as a little vanilla & almond, with a slightly oily/milky consistency. I didn’t think it tasted bad at all. It’s similar to coffee creamer, and drinking it is a quick shot. I notice that my appetite is decreased after about two hours of consuming it. So if I eat a little breakfast first thing, I’m not very hungry for much lunch. It has worked for me, and I will continue to use it. So far I have lost 3 lbs in 3 days.

  97. carolyn Says:

    I just purchased my First “slim shot” – I quit smoking and in two years have gained a very LARGE amount of weight :(

    I am hoping this will help with my “cravings” for ALL food (Sweet-Salty)

    Starting fresh on Monday – will post after the first week… I have high hopes!

  98. beth Says:

    does any one that used SS have diabetes. Any good results, any effect on the diabetes and glucose control

  99. carolyn Says:

    Day One – Took slimshot in A.m. – Had 100 cal. oatmeal for breakfast… Had 100 Cal. yogart for lunch… Had lean cuisine for dinner… I took the “shots” at approx. 10:30 & 3:00… I did not feel hungry AT ALL – It was pretty amazing… (usually STRAVING when I get home from work…) Had a snack of 100 cal popcorn while watching TV (even left a “few” in the bowl???) … Hmmm – I deffinately will be trying this for Day Two.
    Taste: Hard to describe – Milky/watery/oily Not the best taste ever BUT is do-able in “Shot” form – I drank it quickly then took a BIG sip of water afterwards…
    Will post again (I dont plan I checking my weight until the end of the week…)

  100. emily Says:

    Day one : Took 1 shot around 12 noon its almost seven and my food is down by 50%
    I’m a binger and have No desire . Oi know its day 1 but im feeling positive. My stomach is a little bloated though.

  101. Leena Says:

    if the taste really is horrible, then I want to know if we can put it in our food or drinks? I have read that people put it in coffee and yogurt but just want to be real sure. Im planning to put it in my cranberry juice. Will that be ok?

  102. Tanya Says:

    They work for me. Day 4, and I’m eating much less. Snacking on junk between the meals was a problem for me, not anymore :)
    Taste is not too bad. I take them straight, and then have few sips of water or tea.

  103. Kay Griffin Says:

    Am thinking of trying these to loose baby weight — do they really work and is this the only place I can purchase slim shots or can I go to a store?

  104. vicki Says:

    you can buy these at Wal-mart or Walgreens, Im looking to start up, just a bit hesitant considering there is about 50% phenylalanine/aspartame in the ingredients.

  105. WannaBeSkinny Says:

    OK, I am the biggest skeptic ever and I NEVER do these blogs, but after trying 9 out of every 10 diets that surfaced. I have to say that slimshots work for me without the side effects. I was on phentermine which worked very well for me, I lost 20 pounds BUT i was always jittery and had heart palpitations all the time. With slimshots, it has a slightly weaker appetite control effect than the phentermine, but they work great!!!! I take one in the morning and one in the evening and have completely stopped snacking between meals. My meals are smaller too. I bought a box from walmart and have 6 shots left, so far, I have lost 6 pounds, so I am super excited. one thing i must say though, this stuff taste AWFUL. I hold my nose, throw it down my throat, drink some water, chew a mint, and ONLY THEN do I let my nose go… BUT IT DOES WORK!!

  106. jaimes Says:

    So far, all I CAN say is the taste is disgusting!!! I LOVE to eat, or should I say snack, and I am still snacking a bit!! I keep forgetting to take them though, so I’m not going to say they don’t work, I just can’t tell yet…they are horrible tasting though, and it’s nothing like some people have said, as one of my friends put it, “it tastes like old, stale bacon grease!” and she’s right!! That’s a good analogy.

  107. Denise Says:

    I’ve tried slimshots for only three days and I don’t know that I’ll be able to do it again. The taste is the worst!!!!!!!!! It might just be the worst tasting stuff I’ve ever put in my mouth. I’m also having really bad headaches. Is anyone else having this problem? Plus, not noticing any difference in my appetite. I’m still hungry all the time.

  108. Alpha Says:

    Guess what, everyone!

    I tried a week of SS, and it curbed my appetite.

    Then I tried a week of Land O’ Lakes COFFEE CREAMER, and it curbed my appetite!

    Then I tried the above suggestion of a teaspoon of olive oil (I used extra virgin, quite tasty…), AND IT CURBED MY APPETITE!

    So, the science regarding satiety, that seems to be on board, but as for SS being the only thing that would work, I think it’s throwing good money after bad.

    I have, however, lost 10 pounds, and I know it wasn’t all in the first week that I choked down those awful SlimShots.

  109. Sheryl Says:

    I receive my SlimShots in the mail but a little worried before I take it. I have a thyroid disease but have been on remission for a couple of years now. Basically I am ok. I take my regular tests twice a year. I do not have any medications or any surgeries. Is it ok for me take SS? Did any of you who have thyroid disease feel any side effects? I really want to loose 10-15 pounds as I am really short 5’0 but weight 132. I am a mom and has barely time to go to the gym.

  110. Cheyenne Says:

    I just started taking these today, I mean like right now. I just finished lunch and went and got a pack of these. I have been wanting to lose about 10-20 pounds and have not been able to do so for the past 4 months because I binge a lot at night. I am hoping this would help curb my snack craving like it did for the others. I would love to lose the flab and look great!

  111. Linny Says:

    Okay, I read tons of posts. Now my story. I normally work out every day, but still fight with my weight as I grow closer to the 50 mark. I have taken doctor prescribed diet pills recently, 3x day. I am done with them and wanted to do a more natural weight control so I am trying SS. I HAVE noticed a decrease in appetite, very similar to the prescription kind, WITHOUT the high or speed feeling. I miss the energy I got from the pills, and am trying “B” supplements to help me with my poor energy levels. I love to snack at night in front of the TV but have not done any snacking at night at all since the first day on SS. I still feel hungry at meal times, but fill up much faster then I did w/o SS. This is day 4 for me, 1 at B/F and 1 at Lunch. Taste, really not bad, at first I was like OOOO MY, but the after taste is like a nutty taste, if you are found of nuts, I think you will find the taste tolerable. I take it straight from the container. It is a bit pricey (I purchased mine at Walmart 21 shots). I will post an update as to my progress.

  112. Carolyn Says:

    Last Posted on 1/27/09…
    4 Week Update:
    Just ending week 4 – I have been taking slim shots every day – DOWN 9 POUNDS – I have not combined excerise (starting tomorrow) – This product really does work (for some it seems???)

    I have noticed that If I have a bowl of oatmeal/wheatina (something with alot of fiber) in morning and then take the shot as soon as I am done eating – It doubles the length of time that I get hungry… I try to eat light in afternoon – (yogurt) even when not feeling hungry :) Around 4 I take the 2nd one and have dinner approx 1 – 2hours later – huge difference in my portions… and late night snacking

    I am hoping with adding exercise (walking) with this that I will really notice the weight lose – however without even excercising – down NINE pounds in 30 Days Works – 4 – Me!!!!!

  113. cpark Says:

    First of all I’ll tell you that I took these for a while and they did work for me. I usually overeat in the evening so I would take one at lunch time. They made me feel almost too full to eat. BUT here was my big problem! When I quit taking them I think my body was really used to that feeling of being way too full and I was hungry all the time. Now I’ve gained back what I lost plus some and am trying to figure out how to enjoy the feeling of being a little hungry so I can lose those pounds again! Maybe if they were in half size packaging so you wouldn’t feel hungry but wouldn’t feel too full.

  114. cpark Says:

    Reading some of the reviews I missed I think I will try the Olive oil Alpha suggested a few comments back. Then I can adjust the amount and I know olive oil is actually good for you.

  115. Brickhouse145 Says:

    today is day 2 for me on slimshots and i must say i don’t much like i was the taste is Hell but Idrink water after the shot.

  116. Paige Says:

    This is day 5 for me and I have to say….it is working. The taste is not that bad. It’s not something that you want to drink all of the time, but the taste is certainly tolerable considering the small amount. I am a critic by nature but this product has helped me. I have not had any headaches or other side effects. I have not gotten on a scale but my food consumption and appetite have decreased ALOT. My goal is to loose 20 lbs. I am going to wait until Friday and then see if I have lost any weight. I will keep posting results! Good Luck to you all out there. My advice- go ahead and give it a shot.

  117. Lydia Says:

    Today was my first day of trying SS at lunch time. I was amazed…as I had purchased a turkey sub from Subway to have for is one I usually love.
    I took the SS at around 11am and by 12 noon when I tried to eat the sandwich I could only get down three bites. I have had a few small snacks through the afternoon while back in my office but I am not focusing on eating and it does seem that my appetite is decreased. I hope this pattern continues.

  118. babs Says:

    How many of the SS can you take a day? Two a day don’t seem to be enough for me. Any ideas?

  119. Sheryl Says:

    I left a post a few days ago but didn’t get an answer. Could anyone tell me if I can use SS? I have a thyroid and want to loose some pounds. Not in any medicine, Thanks

  120. Alpha Says:

    Sheryl, you don’t need to be asking us laypeople, you really need to ask your physician. You could probably just call up and talk to the office charge nurse, and have him/her get a question in to the doc between patients. But seriously, none of us are qualified to answer your question. I do know if you were on a medicine like levothyroxine or Synthroid, it bonds with just about everything, including the calcium in the SS (since it’s only a coffee creamer) and it will decrease it’s availability to the thyroid.

    Seriously. Call your doc.

  121. Fleet Says:

    Are these things OK for mothers who are breastfeeding or will it affect my baby?

  122. Rose Says:

    They are NOT coffee creamer, there is no dairy, milk, or calcium in these. It is palm oil, oat oil and aspratame, that’s it! It may LOOK like a coffee creamer, but it isn’t. Have you even looked at the package or online before making that rediculous claim? Olive oil would probably work, but one teaspoon has 14 grams of fat! SS has 2. As far as asking for medical advise, please go see your doctor! And lastly, PLEASE do not take this while nursing! It’s says it right on the package. This is all stuff you can look up online!

  123. Denice Says:

    This is my third day taking SlimShots. It has really helpled cut down on my eating. I am an emotional/bored/it’s in front of me eater. They taste bad but it’s worth it. Just have a piece of gum ready. Usually I would eat cereal for breakfast (6:30), a muffin and soda when I get to work (7:30), something for break (9:30), lunch (11:30), maybe a few cookies (we have a cafeteria at work). Now I just eat my cereal, a small snack, and lunch. Taking the second shot later in the day has helped my evening grazing. Can’t wait to see how this turns out!

  124. lenny Says:

    I have read the majority of these posts and can’t for the life of me figure out why so many people are only on their first or second day of use! There are only a handfull of people who’ve supposedly been on them for a week or so. Hasn’t anyone been on these things for any length of time?

  125. Alpha Says:

    Lenny – I would think not. Lol.

    And Rose, dear, have you ever looked at “vegan” coffee creamers, or other alternative coffee creamers that are designed for the lactose intolerant? Yes, I have looked online and elsewhere, hence the reason I can make my “rediculous” claim. Here is another ridiculous claim (yes, I spelled it correctly just for you, Rose, honey), in that while olive oil may have 14 grams of fat, it is a better kind of fat than palm oil. That means it’s more healthy, and will help reduce your overall serum cholesterol. I have looked that up online, aas well as within honest-to-goodness BOOKS. Perhaps you could too?

    Let me guess, you’re employed by the Slim Shots people…

  126. Alpha Says:

    Oh, and for the record, Rose dearest, it’s a TABLESPOON of olive oil that has 14 grams of fat. A TEASPOON has just under 5, and I do believe that is what was recommended earlier. Anything else I can help with, sweetie?

  127. Lisa Says:

    I have just finished my first box of 20. I think it helped suppress my appetite, but aspartame is really really bad for you. I have read studies that show it kills lots of brain cells. So I’m going to try to find other ways to feel full for the time being.

    The stuff works though. I’d rather it taste extra bad and not have the fake sweetener. If the producers made an alternative that didn’t have the aspartame, I would totally buy it up!

  128. Brandi Says:

    I just bought these yesterdays! I’m not too overweight but I ate like crap and couldn’t find a way to stop the craving attacks. Its only my second day so I haven’t hit the scale. Wednesday is my weight-in so I’ll let you know. It really has cut my eating though. It made me feel full much quicker and right now, normally i would be eating junk, i have no urge to eat and can focus on other stuff.

  129. Julie Says:

    I just started today, I have to say that I really didn’t have high hopes. However, I had one with breakfast, I didn’t really notice when it was 2 oclock and I still hadn’t eaten lunch. I got on the treadmill first and ran 5 miles, so afterwards I was starving. I had one of the slim shots and began to cook lunch. By the time I made my turkey burger my appetite was cut in half. When I did start eating I could only finish half….I usuallyeat the whole thing and chips and want something sweet after…but today I didn’t. I really have to say that I was surprised because I didn’t expect them to work.

  130. Shelly Says:

    Why waste your money on these products???? These only offer a quick solution to your problem and soon enough you will begin to develop your old eating habits and once again gain all of your weight back. Incorporate your lean meats, vegetables and fruits and you will not be hungry throughout the day. This is torture…..drinkiing something that makes you gag….for the sake of weight loss! Binging and over eating is completely mental. You must sit back and think about what makes you binge or what sets you off to make you over eat and then plan correctly so when that moment comes around you will know how to deal with it. For instance, if you know having a bad day at work makes you want to come home and pig out. Then have a different strategy, the next time you have a bad day at work. Stop wasting your money….there’s only one sure way to lose weight properly and to maintain it……exercise and a healthy meal plan……..not a diet!!!

  131. Alpha Says:

    Hear Hear Shelly!! If more people listened to you, there would be so many fewer unscrupulous and predatory “weight gurus” and corporations trying to line their pockets with money from weight-challenged people. Thank you for making my day!

  132. Linda Says:

    Why is there not one person on this blog that has taken SS for more than a week or so. Where are the success stories of several months?

  133. Kate Says:

    This is my first day. I hope it works. I am getting married and am trying to lose the last 10 pounds to my goal weight. The taste is pretty bad though, unless mine are expired. I ordered 5 on ebay just to try. Wish me luck and good luck to all.

  134. Nursegirl Says:

    In regards to the “headaches and blurry vision” – these are classic symptoms of benign hypoglycemia, or in layman’s terms, LOW BLOOD SUGAR. This is likely caused by the fact that you haven’t eaten anything. Simply have 8 oz. of orange juice and you will be good to go in about 10 minutes.

  135. Jen Says:

    Hmmmm….this product is interesting! It doesnt kill hunger but it seems to help. I just notice that i am just not thinking about food as much.I really only need to lose a few pounds but it’s the last ones that are the hardest.It really doesnt taste bad to me either. Its a tiny little shot and i just down it.I am going to continue to use it.So far it seems pretty good!

  136. Helen Says:

    Ok so I read somewhere that some believe olive oil can be used for weight loss, but this is not true. Olive oil might work in a way like activia yogurts do, make you more regular, but that’s all about it.

    I am researching slim shots online today, and I’m thinking about purchasing them, I have about 20 lbs to lose.

    I lost 10 of those earlier this year, but that was really hard, coz for some reason I can only eat up to 800 calories a day to lose weight, so my metabolism must be pretty bad. Of course since I have a sweet tooth I gained the weight back fast, a few parties and weddings is all it took.

    Hopefully this product will work. Just want to say that I did Alli last year for a short period of time and I lost 10 lbs but it doesn’t work if you start eating healthy, because even healthy foods have calories, it works better if you eat some fatty foods.

  137. Mia Says:

    The reason some people are getting headaches and vision problems is because they are not taking in enough calories and so their bodies are going into starvation mode. Make sure to take in a minimum of 1300 calories per day.

  138. ali:) Says:

    hm, so reading everyone’s different reactions to the slim shot’s has really made me make a final decision. i’ve been dying to try slim shots for a while now but haven’t really done so because i was afraid it wasn’t going to work. i think i’ll deffinitely be purchasing them real soon:)

  139. Karen Says:

    This is my 4th day and they are really working for me! I plan on using them to lose the weight I need to, about 40 pounds or so then maybe after for maintenance. I don’t feel hungry at all. I take my first one at 8 am and eat breakfast then I get a small hunger pang at around 10 but I just eat a banana or healthy snack. I take another one at noon for lunch and I’m good for the rest of the day. I am still eating just not as much and trying to make healthier choices. I do think they taste like CRAP but it’s such a little bit if you just drink it down it’s not bad. Just have some water handy to wash it down.

  140. Miriam Says:

    I’m thinking about trying the slim shots. Has anyone drank wine while taking these shots.

  141. Karen Says:

    Lost 3 pounds in my first week!

  142. Mel Says:

    I just bought two boxes of them. I am pretty downbeat about a recent weight gain of 10 lbs…I have now about 100 lbs. to lose instead of 90 lbs.

    I was totally starving still after 1 slim shots. so I had another. I then experienced fullness as I ate popcorn instead of another 270 calories steak pita pocket thing. I had had a protein shake of 100 calories so that was about 520 calories or so for din din. That is awesome for me personally! I tend to eat like a man…and even working out or walking most days, have trouble losing weight.

    I am getting used to the taste. I am hoping in coffee it will be less weird but dang…this stuff is working!

    Will report back later.

  143. Mary Says:

    Anyone taking Slim Shots on medication for high blood pressure?

  144. Lisa Says:

    Slim Shots do not control my appetite, instead I am eating MORE than I normally do. It must be an effect that it has on some people–but it tastes horrible and I’m eating like a pig the more shots I take.

  145. Tami Says:

    Just took my first slim shots one to combat the night time muhchies. Tastes horrible. Reminded me of dirt. The after tastes lasts forever but luckily isn’t as horrible as the original taste. It seems that this stuff only works for people the first week. So, we shall see.

  146. Amy Says:

    I took Slim Shots for about 2 weeks. The taste was horrible and lasts forever in your mouth. Every time I burped for up to 3 hours later I still tasted it. The shots curbed my appetite a little bit at first, but I can honestly say it is not worth the money. Sorry to be gross, but the shots gave me diarrhea every time I went to the bathroom. It wasn’t like diet pills where it is so urgent you can’t make it, but it happened none the less. After awhile blood began to appear in the diarrhea. My doctor said that because the Slim Shots were the only obvious change I had made in my diet lately, I should stop them immediately. After stopping, the problem went away. After I stopped taking them, I continued the mindset that I do not need to eat as much food. I started to work out and eat healthy snacks. The bottom line is you don’t need these things to lose weight. Its all about your mindset and commitment to your health. There really is no substitute for good old fashion exercise and healthy eating.

  147. Tami Says:

    I have realized they don’t work either. They never made me feel full or curb my appetite. They did give me horrible bloating. My lower stomach would pooch out so far and hurt so bad. And yes, there was the constipation too. No diarrhea here. I also got headaches. It can’t be the aspartame causing them because I am a Diet Pepsi addict and have never gotten headaches. I really think those people that they work for, it is all the placebo effect. If so, more power to you! :o)

  148. Cheryl Says:

    I took Slim Shots about a year ago. I took them for about two weeks. I didn’t really lose much weight but what I noticed about the loss of appetite was that I had this strange taste in my mouth all the time. Everything I ate tasted the same which made me not want to eat because everything tasted like this strange taste. Has anyone else experienced that and do you have any explanation for this?

  149. Mal Says:

    I bought Slim Shots because I want something to help me curb my appetite and get use to eating less and healthier–and to help me get use to not giving in to cravings. I used pills before but they have so much anxiety and jitters I could not stand it anymore. I noticed that I have to take two at one time in the morning after breakfast, but then I am good for the day. I eat a light lunch and dinner and do not feel hungry all the time. The taste is TERRIBLE! I try to cover it up in coffee and just suck it down. I think because I double up on them it makes the taste even worse. I have to have a mint and something to drink right away or else I feel like I’m gonna throw up. I dread taking them each day because of the taste, but they do work and no jitters. So I’ll stick with it as long as I can stomach the taste.

  150. shirley Says:

    My husband and I have been taking slim shots for over 1 1/2 weeks , walking 3 miles a day and have not lost any weight. We take them in the am and at lunch , can we take them at lunch and dinner instead? We have cut our consumption down a lot but haven’t lost any weight . What can we do, we are both in our sixtys and need to lose this weight. These are very expensive and want to see good results.

  151. anon Says:

    i am only on my first day, and i have ALREADY noticed a change. I dont like the taste AT ALL but it isnt the worst thing.

  152. Anny Says:

    I am on my 3rd day of slim shots, i have only started with 1 with my breakfast. That stuff tastes nasty! it reminds me of cator oil, the stuff my mom gave me one time when i was a child and i was constipated. like many of you, i have to drink my coffee as soon as i swallow the shot, or else i feel like if i will throw it up. i literally have to pinch my nose when drinking it. its worse when i burp cause i can taste it again. however i must say my appetite has gone down, and i have already lost a pound in 2 days. i know its not a lot but to me its a lot, considering that with eating only salads for lunch everyday was not helping me lose weight. so this is definitely a boost. my husband wasnt to crazy about me taking them, he is afraid of any diet supplement. but i promised him i would only take them until next week, since we are traveling and i want to look a little slimmer. at least just 5 pounds, it will make a difference! so hopefully i can reach my goal

  153. Hime Says:

    There is no such thing as a magic pill. If you want to lose weight then eat less and work out more. If you want to stop being hungry all the time then simply eat less for a week. Your stomach stretches and shrinks based on how much you eat. It takes about a week for your stomach to shrink to where you are not hungry if you significantly reduce the amount of food you eat. Those of you who want to lose weight..ffs, put up with being hungry for a week. It isn’t like you’re starving on some deserted island. Man up.

  154. Bill Says:

    I’ve been taking Slim Shots now for three days; and yes, the shots do seem to dull my appetite. The shots remind me of Chantex – the drug (yes there are magic pills, Hime) one can now take to quit smoking. After a pack a day for 20 years, I quit cold turkey without ever wanting another puff again. Both Slim Shots and Chatex create a slightly nausus feeling for me. So, on third day, I’ve lost my appetite. Now let’s see if I lose any weight.

    I recommend Slim Shots to anyone who is in need of help. And yes, they taste gross. But I believe the foul taste may be part of the success here.

  155. DCGIRL Says:

    I have read over and over all the post. I really want to try slim shots. I don’t know why I am not losing weight i have really cut back on my calories badly and exercise for like 2 hours a day for 5 days in the past 3 weeks and i have not lost nothing i have gained 5 pounds. I want to try this maybe it will help.

  156. PAT J Says:

    1st day of slim shots. The taste is not delicious but I can deal with that. It does kind of remind me of castor oil (yuck). I became nauseated within one hour of morning and lunch time dose. Now it is 2:45 p.m. and I have an annoying dull headache (I never get headaches). My appetite seems depressed but I think it’s because I feel so nauseated. I’ll see now days 2 and 3 go but so far I am not impressed

  157. Alpha Says:

    God people, why do this to yourself?? Slamming nasty tasting crap that doesn’t work WILL NON HELP YOU. I’ve been increasing my fiber by drinking V-8 High Fiber version, and that has greatly curbed my appetite, makes me feel full faster, and I’ve lost an additional 10 pounds over the past four weeks. There is NO SENSE in torturing yourselves for this expensive and useless product. For heaven’s sake, do some research on what will really help you.

    And DCGirl, you have probably gained 5 pounds in MUSCLE. In truth, “weight” is not a good measure of your struggle, but “amount of body fat” is. Try spending your money on a scale that measures body fat composition (instead of wasting it on Slim Shi- er Shots), and you may well notice a real improvement, even if your weight isn’t necessarily changing.

    Above all, people LOVE YOURSELVES in the skin you’re in, and don’t succumb to these fly-by-night miracle “cures” that only “cure” the impoverishment of the people that create them. Curves are BEAUTIFUL. Dont’ be taken advantage of by these ruthless, soulless individuals.

  158. Mardie Says:

    the taste reminds me of wax. i’ve taken my first shot today. i feel full and i burp most of the time after taking it, but i’m having a slight headache too. will keep you posted on the results!

  159. Silas Says:

    I have lost over 150 lbs without taking any kind of diet aids. I cut back on my calories and walk as much as possible. There is nothing magic about weight loss; it is simply a question of eating less than you burn. You don’t need to starve, just choose reasonable amounts of healthy foods. Make your meals mostly vegetables and use smaller amounts of high calorie foods for flavor. Also, you have to accept that it is a slow process and it is about PERMANENT changes in your eating and exercise habits. You probably didn’t put on 50 or 100 lbs or whatever in a week and you can’t expect to lose it in a few days.

  160. Genevieve Says:

    Ok so I had my son on New Years Day and I gained about 50 lbs by the end. I wont be able to start these till Im done nursing but I really just want something to give me a little help. Im only looking to take one a day and need to know what time of day would be recomended? Also I am looking to lose about 40 lbs since I am currently about 175 and only 5’4″ and I would like to be about 135. Is this the right choice for me and does anyone have any advice? Also I do NOT eat meat and I often have lack of energy, does this help out all?

  161. Sarah Says:

    I never had a problem with my wt until I had my child. My wt has gone up and down for 3 yrs now. I have dieted and exercised and the moment I stop one or the other the wt stacks on. I have been taking Slim Shots for 2 days now and I literally have to make myself eat. I am going to try this maybe until I lose a lil wt (kinda like a jump start) and then stop them and continue a healthy diet and exercise. Not everyone can love their body if its not the body they used to have. I was 140 lbs 5’5″ tall and I now am 200lbs. I cannot love myself at this wt because its not me.

  162. ELLIE Says:

    This is my first day on Slim Shots. So far so good. i am usually hungry ALL the time. today i had 1 egg for breakfast and a salad for lunch. i took my second Slim Shot about 30 minutes before i ate my salad and i felt stuffed! i weigh about 156 and am borerline overweight for my 5’7 frame. id like to lose 10lbs. i work in an office so i sit all day and when it gets stressful or boring or i get tired i always reach for food for quick pick me up. i’m proud to say i havent had the urge to snack yet! ive tryied every diet and diet pill known to man, i cant seem to stick with anything. Slim Shots seem simple enough to stick to and i dont feel nervouse about what im putting in my body.

  163. Nydancy Says:

    Ok, I have been reading all the post for the last few hours. Today is my second day of Slim Shots and I feel like it has really decreased my wanted to snack all the time I really don’t even feel hungery. I take one in the morning and because I always seem to eat a lot at night I take one before dinner and even though the taste is horrible I have felt that the last two days me wanting to eat has decreased. And really u shouldn’t gain the weight back once you lose it because ur stomach do shrink so there for u should be able to eat like u use to. Well that has been my experience. I have lost over 30 pounds w WW but just came off a cruise and gained 6 pounds and I just want to lose that and a few extra to be comfortable. Good luck all

  164. Christine Says:

    Hey ladies I have been considering using this product i am a big yoyo dieter!! it seems like everyone has had good perks with it so i definitely think i am going to give it a try! i know some of yall said that you experienced headaches and fatigue? I’m sure that is just associated with the fact that you are eating less than normal. When you first start dieting your body has to teach itself that you are going to be eating less now so by doing so you feel headaches and fatigue but im sure that all went away after the initial few weeks or so! if you have any positive feedback let me know!

  165. mike2 Says:

    I notice most people are saying that Slim Shots is working great for 2 or 3 days but not afterward. Placebo effect anyone? Also, I replaced my familys coffee creamer with SS without telling them and there was no difference. In fact they still finished as many doughnuts as usual.

  166. miranda Says:

    Day 1- had one at lunch and had a pb sandwich. Had one at dinner. Had the same amount of food as my son. I was hungry. But honestly, I loved my dinner. I would have had 3 times the amount I ate tonight. Placebo? Not at all. I am hungry now but it is 10:18pm but I won’t eat. I only have 15 to lose but unfortunately I am way to busy to be working out and exercising as I once was. I think when I run out, I will try the olive oil just to see! Will keep those posted who only see us first trying out. Cheers to all!

  167. Amanda Says:

    Alpha is a hateful person. geez. Very condescending and generally grouchy. My heart goes out to those who were trampled by Alpah’s tantrum.

    I’m actually a healthy weight – always have been. But I’m trying to lose that perpetual 10 pounds of “Vanity weight”. I exercise – I eat vegetarian, and according to the Blood type diet 75% of the time. I’ve also tried some of the more unhealthy diet foods and PILLS, too! I always got sick off them – and was forced to stop taking them…but with slim shots, I feel normal. Just less “snacky”. My big problem was after work – when I would eat about 70% of my daily calories (sometime in one sitting). Now, I don’t feel like eating anything after dinner. And I’m starting to lose.

    And no – someone mentioned earlier that if you just want to lose 10 pounds it’s easier and you can do that by cutting back and exercise. Well – I do exercise, yoga, vegetarian, organic – the whole nine yards….and the last 10 pounds is the hardest, because you’re typically already within a “healthy weight range” and you body wants to hold on to that weight with all it has! Perhaps it’s justified – but for those of us who are going on vacation in 8 weeks… and also those of us who want to loose more than 10 pounds, I think slim shots are ok.

  168. Alpha Says:

    Hmm, interesting that my words of “love yourself,” and “curves are beautiful” and generally just trying to support people in making a healthy choice for themselves is considered to be “hateful.”

    I’m only “hateful” toward the unscrupulous who are trying to prey on otherwise well intentioned people. I’m sorry that you feel like I’m negative. Perhaps re-reading my posts would help you see what I’m trying to say in the light in which its intended, which is to be supportive of people who are like myself, overweight and having tried many many different techniques. Since you are of a “healthy weight,” you likely do not understand the struggles someone has endured from a lifetime of being overweight. You’ve not experienced the childhood taunting, the rejection, and the isolation. Your only struggle, weight wise, is “vanity weight.” You do not have a pony in this race.

    If you’re unable to do reread what I’ve written in the vein in which I’ve provided it, then perhaps you should look beyond yourself in seeking answers rather than making inaccurate accusations.

  169. Curious Says:

    How is this working for the people who only want to lose 10-15lbs???? There are a few of you on here, but I have not seen you post results.

  170. Post Baby Fat Says:

    Slim Shots is definitely working for me. After 2 kids, I have gained a total of 36 pounds. Since using about 2 weeks of Slim Shots (2 per day), I have lost 5.5 lbs. My cravings are definitely reduced with little to no side effects. I am very pleased with this product and have tried so many others before, such as Alli. In conjunction with Slim Shots, I am also following as best as possible a protein and veggie rich diet. I am also drinking a lot of water and tea and have reduced caffeine and aspartame. I’ll keep you all posted how I am doing, but so far, am very happy with this!

  171. Caralyn Says:

    Slim Shots really works for me! I don’t even think about eating between meals and my appetite is definitely less. They taste awful, but it’s worth it.

  172. gina19 Says:

    I have many questions, since slim shots make your digestive system slower, does it make you constipated in the beginning and than regular or what? Cuz not to be gross but i have a bm every day and sense i started taken these slimshots i haven’t gone in 3 days, and am i supposed to take this with food cuz i took it at 7am before going to school and than came home and had a meal at 11 am and than took a shot at 7pm and didn’t anymore cuz i wasn’t hungry.

  173. sam Says:

    It seems the people who are experiencing the intended appetite suppression are the same ones experiencing headaches and fatigue, which makes sense if your blood sugar is low while you’re cutting down on your usual amount of caloric intake drastically – is there anyone NOT experiencing appetite suppression but still getting headaches and fatigue?

  174. Ram2645 Says:

    Am on day 3 of slim shots. It has definitely made me eat less. But hate the taste which makes me nauseaus and perhaps that’s why I am not eating so much! Tried it straight both warm and cold…ugh. Tried it in my morning shake. It just prolonged the torture of the bad taste. Today tried it in my coffee and this has been the most palatable so far. Will keep persevering though as I have already lost a lb. in the last couple of days.

    Any one out there with tips on how to beat the taste of this stuff?

  175. Kim B Says:

    I love to eat and am about 20 pounds overweight. I am short and that does not help. I have tried it all. But, I hate pills and can never remember to take it 30 minutes before I eat. So I tried the best thing ever! Slim Shots. I bought the box at Walmart. I also bought the Special K shakes. OMG, it works! After 2 weeks I’ve lost 5 pounds and feel satified and no jittery effects. I ran out of the box and am starving and can definetely tell a big diff. Going to Walmart today to pick up my 2nd box and get back on track. The taste is not that bad, it’s so small. I just drink it fast and no worries. It works!!!

  176. AthleteKitty Says:

    I started this afternoon (got it after I worked out). It doesn’t taste bad so I don’t know what everyone is complaining about. I got the Vanilla and took a shot with my lunch as recommended. Felt a bit energized a few minutes later and had a Smart Ones dinner later in the day (did not take another shot). But it definitely curbed my tendency to snack. I drank a lot of water throughout the afternoon. I’ll take one at breakfast tomorrow and one at lunch.

  177. AthleteKitty Says:

    So far it’s working just fine. I took a shot this morning at breakfast and another at lunch. It’s 5:45pm and I’m not that hungry but I’ll eat something light to keep my metabolism up. It’s curbed my tendency to overindulge since today is Christmas and I was my mom’s house for Christmas lunch and I didn’t pig out. I actually declined dessert because I did not crave it. As long as I eat 3 light meals a day, may be a light snack and drink plenty of water I feel full and so far no headaches.

  178. Jessica Says:

    I’ve seen the commercials and I am willing to “give it a shot.” I bought them at Wal-Mart this morning, and I took one on the way home. I think it’s too soon to tell whether they work or not. A lot of it may be mental, so if I tell myself the Slim Shots will work, then they must. Plus I exercise several times a week so it couldn’t hurt…They taste horrible, though. I gulped down a bottle of water after I took the Shot, and the aftertaste was still there. Oh well, pain is beauty! Good luck to everyone with their weight loss goals! :)

  179. Shandra Says:

    Hey all, just bought mines and plan on starting tomorrow. Like most of you, I’ve tried all kind of other products and I’m willing to give this one a try. I know there’s no “quick” fix… for years we’ve been hearing “diet and excercise” and “Lifestyle change” is the only way and I totally agree. However, if I can take this product for a few weeks to help curb my appetite and give me that boost then I will. I’ve begun back working out this past week and I am aware that this is a quick fix but, I need that boost to get me started in the right direction. I didn’t plan on posting anything but, I did want to say that I just bought mines at CVS for $39.99 and that was buy one get one free plus my $3 coupon off and my $5 off for over $30 spent so I didnt pay a whole lot. So, I figure it’s worth the try if it will help me get started to the real deal of knowing that truly to get weight loss and maintain the ONLY way is changing your eating, making healthier choices, and sticking to a excercise program. I can’t do the “diet” thing anyway so, I know that I will need to make better choices and cut my portions. So for the dieticians and the others who is so agains this I am NOT totally disilusional. Ok, I will repost in a couple weeks to note my progress since that seems to be the asking time for giving out results. Good luck to everyone because I’ll be the first to say that I love to eat but I love ME and being healthy more!

  180. Yolonda Says:

    I took my first 2 doses of Slim Shots on Tuesday – 1 for breakfast and 1 for lunch. I didn’t feel hungry at all on Tuesday. Gee, I thought, this stuff is GREAT! I took 1 Slim Shot Wednesday morning for breakfast. I still felt fine. After I took the 2nd Slim Shot for lunch on Wednesday, I noticed that I had developed a slight headache and felt a bit dizzy. My appetite still was in check. On Thursday, my headache was gone, so I took the dose for breakast. All seemed fine until after I took the Slim Shot for lunch. All hell broke loose after this. Approximately 1 hour afterwards, I felt like I had been drugged. My head was really spinning, I developed a pounding headache, I had difficulty walking and felt nauseated. Well, I guess it is back to the old drawing board for me. I sure hope I can get a refund.

  181. Nancy Says:

    I’ve been using this for 2 weeks now, and I’m definintely impressed with this product because I do notice it working for me! I am thinking LESS about the wrong foods and eating in general. Also, I figured out one reason why this works for me: it leaves a funny taste in my mouth all day (although tolerable). I’m okay with it if it helps me lose weight, which it is!

  182. Angie Says:

    I started taking these yesterday and it’s totally killed my sugar craving. I think it wouldve done that anyway considering it takes like Aveeno oatmael lotion smells. YUCK. I have had no side effects and I think that some folks are alittle misinformed on here. 1st off, there are no drugs in this product. It’s oils and flavoring and nutrasweet. So if you’re getting burning or tingling in your stomach or anywhere else. it’s psychosomatic or you’re having some other health issue – oil doesn’t cause burning in your stomach, stomach acid does. Second, all the saturated fats from the junk food that we’ve been eating is nothing when compared to the little bit of palm aand oal oil in this product, so it shouldn’t cause headaches. Eat your healthy meals and snacks ON TIME so that you’re blood sugar doesn’t go down and maybe the headaches will subside. Other than that, don’t give up folks! Good luck all of you with your diets! Keep up the good work!

  183. Jimbo Says:

    Hey folks! Good luck to all of you on your personal weight-loss goals! I purchased my Slim Shots this AM and will post on here if I see any results (good or bad). I guess the thing we can all take away from these posts is just like everything it will effect everyone differently. Aspertame has a bad effect on some people, caffiene does too, what is right for you may not be right for all, the same goes for diets and nutriton as well that is why some people see success with Atkins and some with Weight Watchers and some with Lindora all thing affect us differently.

    My personal story.. I was successful at losing 102 lbs with Weight Watchers.. it took me about 11 months and that was with little to no work out. I lost the weight from from 2/2008-12/2008, from 1/09-7/09 I stayed about the same 212-214lbs. then from 7/09-12/09 I put on some weight, about 20 lbs! I am taking slim shots to see if they help with my appetite, I know they will not squash my hunger or make the weight magically fall off, I am hoping they just give me a little boost. Personally I am not worried about Aspertame, as I drink diet soda regularly. I will let you know the long term as it becomes evident to me.

    Good luck to all of you and may you all enjoy a happy-healthy 2010!

  184. Maria Says:

    I’ve been taking slim shots for a week and they definitely curb your appetite. If you take them after lunch you won’t eat as much for the rest of your day. I don’t have the urge to snack like I did before so that’s a big plus for losing weight.

  185. LORI Says:

    I started Slim Shots three days ago and have noticed they definitely curb my appetite. I take one with breakfast and one with lunch as directed. Once the afternoon sets in, I do not eat much for the rest of the day. I do think they work with no negative side affects for myself. As for the artificial (Aspertame and Sucralose) ingredients, like anything else, all in moderation. I do not think these are meant for long term use.

  186. t Says:

    Been on it for quite some time. On and Off. I cant say I exactly “feel” slim shots working, however, whenever I stop using them, Im constantly thinking of my next meal, and portion control is out the window. So far I cant say I have not suffered any side effects from it. I dont loose weight on it so to speak, but I will definitely gain if I dont use it. Exercising daily is what really keeps my weight down. Good luck

  187. Macon,Ga Says:

    Thinking about trying slim shots. I am a cardiac nurse and very hesitant on what I put in my body. I believe that there is different strokes for different folks. I’m going to use it to keep me from having the nighttime cravings. I exercise and watch what I eat but its hard to loose weight without working out like crazy or starving yourself (both are unhealthy). Some people fail to realize that genetics play a major part with weight. Just like with cardiac problems. Diet and exercise is a lifetime commitment. No quick fix will help. But I feel that everyone needs a little boost every now and then. Hopefully slim quick will be mine.

  188. Thinkskinny Says:

    day 2 of Slim Shots. Taste pretty nasty – even in coffee. Will probably just take them as “shots”. I do have a headache, little dizzy, probably because i’m not eating as much. Does def curb your appetite. Not sure if it’s just all mental though? I will post an update later.

  189. JJ Says:

    Has anyone taken Slim Shots while taking a depression medication like Wellbutrin? Was wondering if the Slim Shots might interact with the medication? Anyone know?

  190. Lexie Says:

    Hi I am strongly considering buying Slim Shots but I hear a lot of people saying it barely works. Also, I would like to know if its safe to take it on the medication Prozec. Please reply. Thank you very much.

  191. mj Says:

    I am on the second week of the cookie diet, and I have lost 5 pounds. I love the cookie diet because it is convenient and it is helping me learn portion control. However, I am hungry. I bought the shots this morning and took one immediately. I do not feel that hunger anymore. I have two cookies left for today (it is 2:41pm) and I will be able to eat those at 5 or 6, and then a normal dinner. Actually, I may not even need the last two cookies, because I am not hungry. If the shots continue to work, I will keep buying them – even after I hit my goal, because it will help me with social get togethers that revolve around food. I just don’t see anything wrong with them.

  192. Thinkskinny Says:

    slimshots has def curbed my appetite. been on it for about a week now, have not lost any weight, though, i dread taking them because of the nasty taste, hope to see some results soon!!

  193. Liz Pursel Says:

    lost 5 lb. the first week and def. curbs my appetite. i am on antidepressant and mood stabilizers, and the only thing i notice is that i’m kinda tired, but that doesn’t really mean much. i have a two-year-old and i’m a grad student! i take them at lunch and at dinner, and this week, i’m going to start taking just one a day and see how it works.

  194. Andrea Says:

    I am on day 5 of slim shots. I do notice my appetite is controlled. I don’t want to eat a ton between meals. I exercise an hour daily and still haven’t lost anything (not even an ounce), even though I’m keeping my calories at 1,200. I weigh 204 pounds at 5’4. These shots are making me constipated though, so maybe that is why I haven’t lost anything.

  195. carol Says:

    Slim Shots is definitely working for me. I lost 12 pounds in the first two weeks. My appetite is almost non-exsistant, the cravings are gone, and sometimes I have to force myself to eat. I used to crave sweets, especially chocolate and red licorice, but not anymore. I don’t have any headaches or any of the other side effects that other people are complaining about. I don’t care if this is a placebo or coffee creamer like some people claim, I’m losing weight and that’s what counts. In fact, I’m going to Walmart tomorrow to buy another box of it.

  196. Tricia Says:

    Just took my first shot before eating a low-fat protien bar. Will report what happens later but the taste wasn’t bad at all. Tasted kind of like baby formula. It’s so small and if you just “shoot” it you won’t even notice it one bit. I just drank water right afterwards.

  197. Elizabeth Says:

    Started Slim Shots several days ago. The taste is not that bad, and it is such a small amount. I noticed it took a day or two to start taking effect , at least for me, but I have noticed a decrease in appetite. They are convenient and certainly worth a try. I will post again in a couple weeks!

  198. CHARLIE Says:

    I lucked out and got Slim Shots on sale, so I am going to try it today. i got a months supply and I am hoping to lose at least 15 lbs. I was reading all the comments, they seem positive except the one where she has distorted vision. If that were to happen I will stop taking them immediately.

  199. Larbear Says:

    Just purchased Slim Shots. The online order is much more expensive as what I spent at the drug store, beware! Now, I have 100 lbs to get rid of. I know this will not be the greater part of my weight-loss goal, but I sure hope it does something for my cravings during the day. I noticed there are not too many guys out there trying this, is it mainly for women? Anyway, we’ll see how it works.

  200. Leanne Says:

    I didn’t first notice the pounds creeping up till after my Mom died. Having always been normal weight, I hated looking in the mirror. I guess the sadness caused even more pounds creep up. What made me buy Slim Shots was the fact I was not able to find clothes to fit me and had no joy in shopping for clothes. I was tired of feeling frumpy. Okay I am not a spring chicken, but I still want to look stylish. 5 days ago I bought Slim Shots and can say for the first time in years I feel hope. I have just been taking it once a day and even at that feel a definite decrease in cravings. I had taken over the counter appetite suppressants with it making my heart race, and didn’t want to experience diarrhea that some of the newer appetite controllers have. I have not had any problems. I will say one thing: No matter what they say it is the most horrible thing I have ever tasted. For just a small amount to drink, it is almost too much to taken. I tried mixing it in my coffee which I use milk and sweetner in, but I was like drinking a whole cup of this horrible tasting stuff. What it should tell you is this, despite the taste it is well worth it. My jeans waistline is a little looser and the cravings have decreased. Guess you have to take the bitter with the sweet. Good luck to your all!!!

  201. Guadalupe Says:

    Has anyone had any problems with Slim Shots and high blood pressure?

  202. Joanna Says:

    I looked into the slim shots because I’m like everyone else I want my extra pounds off fast. If this product really works I think it may be better for people just wanting to lose some vanity pounds, I could be wrong I’m not an expert I’ve just been there and done that. After reading some of the side affects I’m not sure I would take this now. I really don’t want a bad headache. Someone asked if they will gain weight back after they stop taking slim shots, as with any diet products you use when you reduce your calorie intake you will lose weight. The problem with diet products that curb your appetite is when you stop taking them if you go back to the way you were eating before yes you will put the weight back on and then some. You have to change your eating habits permanently, and get some exercise. Don’t completely deprive yourself of things you like because that will just make you want them more. I mean if you want a piece of cake have it, just don’t go crazy and eat half the cake or do it everyday. We all fall off the wagon once in awhile. When you eat, put the portion you would normally eat then cut that portion in half. For those of you that it’s working for, kudos to you. I wish you luck and hope you can keep the weight off when you stop the product.

  203. Kiki Says:

    After reading through this forum and seeing the slim shots ads in magazines and on tv, i decided to give them a go. I am a young woman. Very active (run, cycle, dance, pilates, etc) and I have a healthy athletic figure with the exception of some tummy pouch and generous inner thighs :-) As of the last few years i have been having problems with portion control. It’s pretty bad how much i can scarf down. And all the exercise i do just helps me to maintain my weight instead of cutting down the 10-15 vanity pounds i would like to. This is a bit embarrassing but i quit a 4 year marijuana addiction a few months ago and i think the increased appetite may be correlated to my brain’s habit of getting a “fix” (not to mention the munchies before hand – yikes!) What’s worse is that i did the Master Cleanse back in Feb while i was still smoking so it completely negated the cleansing aspect (did lose a nice amount of weight that came back now that i’m clean but craving). I will never be a stick thin girl (I’d have to consume less than like 1000 calories a day because my metabolism is pretty slow). I am athletic but still a bit curvy and i embrace that. However, i would def like to lose a little and reign in my eating. I think slim shots might do that for me. I will post again with my progress. In the meantime, good luck to everyone! PS. Bought the slim shots at CVS, buy 1 get 1 free! And i actually love the taste, nutty and sweet; yum. It’s my day 1, not sure I can give a fair report till I’m a few days in. Thanks for reading!

  204. KarenLynn Says:

    I purchased Slim Shots today, it no longer contains aspartame. It now has surculose. I sure hope it works as it is expensive. I exercise two to three times per week and how this works. I will post again soon.

  205. Kiki Says:

    I’m back with an update. Wow – I must say that these are working for me. I am eating considerably less! At first my appetite was reduced by about 20-30 percent (placebo or not – I‘ll take it!). Then I coupled the slim shots with good old will power and am happy to report that I am now eating 50-60 percent less! The weight is melting off (thanks to my regular exercising too) and I am ecstatic. The key is to keep up the will power aspect more than anything.

  206. Mary Says:

    I tried Slim Shots before and frankly it worked for me. I used it for two weeks and it really helped. I was full right away and my cravings where nonexistent. I managed to lose weight and eat healthy without the munchies. The only time it didn’t work for me was right when I found out that I was pregnant with my third baby, otherwise Slim Shots helped me manage my food intake. They work.

  207. Leslie Says:

    When I used Slim Shots a year plus ago it worked beautifully. However, between now and then stress took over my appetite, stopped exercisng and am back on Slim Shots. Unlike last time, I am experiencing some bloating but will continue to take it for another couple days to see if the corrects itself. If it doesn’t, I’m going to stop using it. For those not liking the taste, try putting it in the refrigerator. This improves the taste. I’m not a big chocolate person so most likely will not try that flavor.

  208. KimG Says:

    I bought slim shots today and so far it has been working. I took one this morning and had a yogurt. For lunch took another shot and had a Kellogg protein bar but I could only eat half of it. I don’t feel as hungry as I normally would. The shots aren’t too bad. Being an habitual dieter I’ve tasted a lot more nastier products. I know a lot of people say the best thing to do is to eat right and exercise but that’s hard to do when you feel the urge to eat around the clock and stay within a 1200 calorie intake. Hopefully this will help in suppressing that urge. Will post again in two days to let you know my progress. Wish me luck. Height 5’2. Current Weight 147. Goal Weight 130.

  209. rocks Says:

    This is my frist day of takeing SS. Hope it works as good as I have been told. Will lat u know in about a week how I am doing on it.

  210. melinda Says:

    This is day 1 for me. I just took a shot before eating my breakfast. The taste is horrible! And it ruined the good taste of my breakfast so that made me not want to eat as much of it. So maybe I will lose weight if it makes everything taste horrible like that!

  211. Ladawn Says:

    I started taking Slim Shots yesterday and I have not seen any results as far as my hunger. Looks like to me I am eating more. I do not know if I have to wait a couple of days to see the result or what. But right now it’s showing me nothing. What should I do?

  212. Bailey Says:

    I have been on Slim Shots since October 4, its now the 20th and I have dropped 11 pounds. No head aches or anything. I think people are getting headahes because of low blood sugar and eating less. So don’t skip a meal even if your not hungry, especially feeling this way. As for the aspartame and palm oil people are complaining about. Just check and look at the ingredients of most packaged foods these days, they have both ingredients. I noticed the 4th day I was eating less and my appetite plunged. I recommend you wait more than a couple of days. Most people are to inpatient, so don’t expect to react the same way as someone else. As for the taste, its such a tiny shot, its over very quickly. I will keep you posted in another week and let you know my progress.

  213. Car Says:

    These things do work, it’s amazing. I have an abnormal response to normal appetite in that I feel like I’m starving when I’m merely hungry. It’s created some weight issues for me in the past and I usually suffer, not eating what I’d like to eat in order to maintain normal BMI. Unfortunately the registered dieticians who posted comments don’t appear to get it, despite their training and experience. I do not need to “learn” to eat in a healthy manner. I am not an emotional eater. I have a masters degree, am educated and have consulted with the experts already. It hasn’t helped me, despite a normal medical profile in other respects I am still ravenous and I DO have control of what I eat, however I am miserable and hungry most of the time. The first time I used Slim Shots I was in the middle of an attack of ravenousness and it stopped it cold turkey for the rest of the day. I am thrilled I can use this product and be comfortable with “normal” appetite.

  214. Sharon Says:

    Thanks for all of your comments. I want to and need to lose 20 lbs. so I plan to start taking Slim Shots tomorrow. I walk over one hour every day, eat one bowl of lettuce with salad dressing once daily and seldom pig out, yet I’m overweight and desperate. I’ve read all of the comments and will definately take Slim Shots. I love the people who tell how much weight they have lost. Keep up the good work!

  215. Ladawn Says:

    I gave slim shots a couple of days to work. At first i did not see the results but now I do. I am eating less and sometimes when I begin to eat I only take a few bites and I am full. When it’s time for me to eat again I sometimes do not want to but go ahead and put a little something in my mouth just to say I ate. I do this because it is not good not to eat at all. You have to put something in your body to keep from you getting sick. I went and bought another box today. I will continue to use them until I reach my goal.

  216. Sharon Says:

    Bought a box of Slim Shots today! Started on it after lunch and I didn’t snack on anything. Had a healthy salad for dinner then took second dosage. I’m gonna give myself 5 days on Slim Shots to see if there are any results or side effects. BTW, the taste is awful, but I’ve had worse (lmao – my own cooking at times). The best part is with coupons, I only spent $17.00 for the box. YEAH!

  217. Marlene Says:

    I only really want to lose about 8-10 lbs. I bought slim shots because the fat-burning supplement I wanted wasn’t in the store and these were on sale. I’m more concerned with not gaining too much weight during the winter and keeping it off, so it’s not like I have to lose a large amount of weight. I was mostly concerned about things like side effects and being jittery. I’ll try one with breakfast and see how it goes. I already work out so I am pretty sure if I do lose a few pounds I will be able to keep it off- we’ll see how it works!

  218. Laura Says:

    I definitely agree with everyone I need something else to chase after drinking slim shots. In the end, they do help. I feel less inclined to snack. However, OMG do they make me gassy. That might be how they work for me.

  219. ifitness Says:

    Ok people if you are looking for a quick fix in weight loss well there is none! Yes slim shots will reduce your appetite but you must eat! And when you do eat, eat healthy and work out. If you are depending on slim shots to help you lose all the weight and plan not to eat healthy and work out then you are in for a surprise. If you do lose weight on slim shots without working out and eating healthy that isn’t good! You will most likely gain all the weight back and be flabby as hell! Take it from a fitness guru if you don’t plan to work out by walking, running, swimming, biking, and some weights then you will not lose weight the proper way and keep it off. Please be weary of these weight loss products because they aren’t great for you and shouldn’t be used for a long period of time. In order to reach your goal you must be realistic with yourself and ready to do the work. It can be done and you can do it! So if you ask me what’s the secret to weight loss success? A healthy diet and working out. There’s no other way around it. Good luck to all.

  220. Kandi Says:

    I just bought slim shots today and I started in the afternoon I don’t know if that makes a difference but i don’t feel hungry. I have a slight heart burn but I don’t know if that is because I have heart burn normally or if the shots are giving it to me, I will keep taking them and no headache ether. I will keep you posted.

  221. Thayl Says:

    I started the vanilla SlimShots 3 days ago. I take with breakfast which is usually no fat, no sugar vanilla latte and 0.5 cup of steel cut oats with agave syrup. I have noticed that if I only take 1 in the morning I will be hungry by dinner time (normal, you have to eat). if I take a second one at lunch that curbs my appetite for the entire day (I still eat a reasonable dinner though). Snacking is non-existent due to the shot and selecting healthier meal choices that contain higher fiber. So far I haven’t gotten on the scale, 3 days isn’t quite long enough to notice any difference due to water weight shifts (I can flux 5 lbs in a couple days). The only thing Slim Shots will do is curb your appetite (not everyone reacts the same to it though), it won’t cure boredom, make up for lack of exercise, make you choose healthier meal options, make you look like a super-model, all of that is up to you or genetics.

  222. Jessica Says:

    I am trying to lose weight but I have found it hard not to snack. I don’t eat a lot but I’m a late snacker and that is my problem. I can’t take other diet products because they make me feel anxious, nervous and or make it more difficult to sleep. I have a sensitive stomach and some pills upset it. Since I started taking slim shots I have noticed that I have NO desire to snack and I love it. The best thing is there are no side effects. I cannot wait to see how much more this product helps with my exercise routine. I think it will go well now that I have something to crush my snack craving. The only down side I see to this product is that it does taste horrible. But I can deal with a few minutes of nasty after taste if that means I’m not consuming 300 or more calories a night!

  223. Carly Says:

    Slimshots do work. Stick to it for at least 3 day, and you will notice your appetite go down during the later hours. The taste is horriable, that’s the only problem. I force myself to take it because it really does work. It says it takes 3 to 4 hours to start working. SO for those of you of said it work right away were lying or just imagining things, or maybe it really did work. Anyways give it a try, if you loved eating, be prepared to get sick if you overeat with these things.

  224. Nini Says:

    I just started taking them today. I weigh 160 now and I started exercising a couple days ago, hopefully in the next week ill have an update. I just want to go back to 135

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