Slade Smiley Fat

Slade Smiley Fat

Is Slade Smiley fat? Is Slade Smiley fat or is he simply overweight? I do not think he is fat or overweight. Okay, if you have seen him without a shirt, it seems that he can lose a few pounds, but I do not think he needs to lose weight. Does he have six-pack abs? No, he does not. Does he need to gain more muscle mass? Who does not? Unless you are a professional bodybuilder, there is a very good chance that you need to gain more muscle mass.

According to his girlfriend, Gretchen Rossi (Gretchen Rossi’s diet and workout are pretty good by the way), Slade seems to think that he is fat. In fact, he gave himself a nickname, “chunky monkey.” Does Gretchen think that Slade is getting fat? Does she think that he needs to lose weight? She has not revealed what she really thinks about his weight, but she has said that she loves him “no matter what.” Smiley does not need to lose weight, he needs to tone up. [source: In Touch]

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