Simon Helberg Shirtless

Simon Helberg Shirtless

Simon Helberg shirtless – too skinny or skinny-fat? Simon Helberg shirtless looks pathetically skinny. In fact, Simon Helberg’s shirtless look reveals that he is almost as skinny as his wife, which is a bit disturbing. A guy should not be as skinny as a chick, don’t you think? While he definitely does not need a fat burning cardio to get in shape, he can clearly benefit from munching on the best burger in Los Angeles. He needs calories to gain some weight.

Unless, of course, his wife, Jocelyn Towne (next to him), is a permanent member of the Skin and Bones club, and regularly hosts the annual gathering of the skinny chicks from around the world, in which case he has to be skinny to fit in.

Joking aside, despite the fact that he is too skinny, he seems to have some belly fat, which begs the following question: Is he skinny-fat? In my opinion, since his belly fat seems to be minimal (his upper abs are showing), he does not qualify to be classified as skinny-fat.

What say you – Simon Helberg shirtless – does he need to gain at least 20 pounds or should he maintain his current weight? [source: Star]

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3 Responses to “Simon Helberg Shirtless”

  1. Helen Says:

    If you think he is skinny now, you should see him in the movie, Old School. Even in the first season of The Big Bang Theory, he was much skinnier. He’s starting to fill out lately so I thought he was starting to look almost average.

    To me, his wife looks great. She’s doesn’t look too skinny and has good healthy muscle tone and a really cute figure.

  2. kyriacos Says:

    All true nerds are skinny..

  3. I'm here randomly haha Says:

    who gives a rats ass if he’s skinny or skinny-fat, he’s just a dude, not some fake hollywood implant -filled Zac effron barbie. Is it really relevant for us to ponder about wether he should gain or lose weight? Then what? Wait for it to happen and then applaud ourselves for thinking he’d look better if he were a bit more muscular? yay!

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