Sherri Shepherd Lost 41 Pounds

Sherri Shepherd Lost 41 Pounds

Continued from Sherri Shepherd’s Weight Loss.

Sherri Shepherd lost 41 pounds. That’s not all, however, Sherri Shepherd lost 41 pounds, and she looks pretty impressive in a bikini, check out the Sherri Shepherd in a Bikini and How Sherri Shepherd Lost Weight posts, if you have not seen them already.

While I am impressed and inspired by the fact that Sherri Shepherd lost 41 pounds, it is worth noting that her weight-loss effort is not exactly an example of how people usually lose weight. Regular people, especially in today’s economy, cannot afford to hire a personal trainer and use a food delivery service.

Shepherd has been using a food delivery service (Fresh Diet) and Don Scott (her personal trainer) is in charge of her exercise program. And let’s be honest about something else, while it is obvious that her body has greatly benefited from losing 41 pounds, she needs to lose more weight.

How much more weight does Shepherd need to lose? My estimate is at least another 20 pounds, maybe even 25 or 30. And I want to see the results of all that weight lifting and other exercises that she does. I want to see some definition on her, maybe even some abs. If you have a personal trainer and you spend all this time exercising, put a bit more effort into it, your body will respond and you will be surprised by the results of your hard work.

The bottom line is simply this: if Sherri Shepherd lost 41 pounds, you can lose the same amount of weight or more. And I bet you can look better in a bikini than she does. Your goal should not be to simply lose weight (anybody can do that) – set your goals a little higher, and aim to look fit, trim and healthy. [source: OK!]

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  1. Looking at the positive Says:

    Why poo poo her weight loss. I agree that most people in today’s economy may not be able to hire a trainer or food delivery service, but she did and her results are great. I am encouraged by what she’s done. As far as her needing to lose more weight, that’s a personal choice and she looks great the way she is. I applaud her success.

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