Shakira Workout

Shakira Workout

Continued from Shakira’s Diet.

Shakira‘s workout, just like her diet, needs a lot of help. Why? Because Shakira’s workout was not producing the kind of results she wanted, which is hardly surprising. But thanks to her new personal trainer, Tracy Anderson, Shakira’s workout has changed. “She wanted muscle definition, yet did not want to lose her sexy curves,” says Anderson, which means that the best workout to lose weight and the best nitric oxide supplement are pretty much useless for Shakira.

Shakira’s workout deconstructed 15 minutes of arm exercises using her own body weight. Think twisting with an imaginary bowling ball. “Dumbbells can bulk her up,” says Anderson. 10 minutes of up to 50 different midsection moves like crunches with a broomstick balanced on her ankles. 45 minutes of dance aerobics to music from Nirvana and MGMT. 20 minutes of leg exercises including side-lying scissor kicks.

While Shakira’s workout is still evolving, after several months of training six days a week for more than one hour a day, according to Anderson, Shakira “looks amazing.” “I love dance aerobics and abdominal exercises,” says Shakira.

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