Sensa Quench

Sensa Quench

Does Sensa Quench put weight loss in the bad? Sort of. Sensa Quench is certainly portable, but is Sensa Quench more powerful than clenbuterol? No, Sensa Quench does not work better than clenbuterol, which is a good thing. Huh? Why would it be a good thing? Let’s see; Sensa Quench is sold over the counter, it seems to be safe and it can even give you an energy boost. Clenbuterol is not legal (you cannot buy it over the counter), it is dangerous for your health and some of the recent studies even question its long term effectiveness.

Do not get me wrong, I am not a fan of weight loss supplements of any kind, and Sensa is no exception. But compared to other weight loss supplements, Sensa is not a bad product at all. The latest version, Sensa Quench, comes in three different flavors (berry, orange and grapefruit) and all three are enhanced with an energy blend consisting of green tea and guarana. I have never used Sensa, but I had an opportunity just to taste all three flavors and was pleasantly surprised, they all taste good, but the pink grapefruit flavor is my favorite.

That having been said, keep in mind that no supplement is going to help you lose weight without you actually doing all the work. If you want to lose weight and keep the lost weight off indefinitely, you need to change your eating habits and find a sustainable diet to follow. Only you can do that. Sensa can help you here and there, but it is not going to help you make smart food choices.

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