Selena Gomez Diet and Workout

Selena Gomez Diet and Workout

Selena Gomez‘s diet is quite typical for someone who is only 16 years old. She does admit to eating poorly on set, but she is trying to eat better, and she is trying to add more protein to her diet.

Selena Gomez’s diet can be improved, of course – the question is: Does she know how to improve her diet? I doubt it. Selena likes Snickers and Reese’s Pieces candy, which is fine, if you do not eat them all time, but that is not the only problem with Selena Gomez’s diet. What is the problem? Her diet is not diverse and it is not balanced. How can she fix that? She needs to eat more vegetables and fruits.

Here is how Selena Gomez’s diet looks like:

Breakfast (about 250 calories) “I like my mom’s eggs,” Selena says about her morning favorite. “She makes a mean omelet – she adds mushrooms, onions, cheese, the works.”

Lunch (about 350 calories) “I like to make sure I have protein, so sometimes I’ll eat meat, like turkey, when I’m out or on set,” says Selena, explaining how she keeps her energy up.

Dinner (about 850 calories) “I actually like to do my dinners all Italian – It’s kind of fattening, but it’s my leeway,” she says. “I love lasagna.”

Snacks (about 300 calories) Selena cannot seem to resist Snickers or Reese’s Pieces – and a pickle. “Pickles fill you up and aren’t too bad for you,” she explains about the veggies.

The bottom line on Selena Gomez’s diet As you can see, Selena’s eating habits are far from perfect. Her breakfast is great. Her lunch needs vegetables. The dinner is very high in carbohydrates and low in protein and healthy fats, which is basically a recipe for a weight gain. Her snacking habits are terrible – candy and pickles, are you kidding me?

Selena Gomez’s workout Not much is known about her workout, but it has been reported that she goes to the gym and exercises regularly. [via]

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6 Responses to “Selena Gomez Diet and Workout”

  1. lilah Says:

    umm, selena gomez is 16. she has a wicked fast metabolism because she’s so young. of couse she likes candy. most teenagers and kids do! your just jealous your not that pretty.

  2. Maresa Says:

    Wicked fast metabolism? Are you kidding? If she works out and eats less than 2000 calories (she needs at least 2500, she’s still growing, even now she’s 17 or 18, I’m surprised she doesn’t lose all her weight straight away. Come on, she needs to add a lot more to her diet. And teenagers are supposed to snack. And again, it’s way too little.

  3. Kennedy Says:

    I love Selena Gomez, and to tell the truth, she looks good! Do you see her waist size? Tiny! She’s beautiful and pickles and candy are awesome! Especially pickles! I wish I could shed just a few pounds I have left to look like her.

  4. Ann Says:

    She seems pretty normal for someone her age. Perhaps she isn’t always eating the most nutritious foods, but at least she’s not over or under eating. I personally don’t think it’s right when people pick apart celebrities’ (or anyone’s) diet if they’re still growing, unless their health is clearly at risk (and hers is not).

  5. Justine Says:

    I can’t believe you guys. I’m 16, and if i eat anything over 900 calories a day I put on weight. I have a small porridge for breakfast then nothing but fruit and vegetables for the rest of the day. Being young has NOTHING to do with metabolism and not every teen has a desire to eat sugary snacks.

  6. Arianna Says:

    OMG! Selena Gomez is so pretty, and even if she wasn’t she’s 16 for God’s sake! Stop worrying about what she’s eating. She’s young, and we teens need are sugar!! :) I wish I could eat all that and stay as thin.

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