Scott Disick Men’s Fitness

Scott Disick Men's Fitness

Scott Disick. Men’s Fitness. What is the connection between Scott Disick and Men’s Fitness? Well, as you can see, he is on the cover of Men’s Fitness, which begs the following question: Why is he not on the cover of Shape? Why is he on the cover of a fitness magazine for men? His physique is unimpressive and seems to be just about average. I have seen girls with more muscle mass and definition that he has. I mean, Justin Bieber’s workout and Justin Bieber’s diet are probably better than what Disick does in the kitchen or in the gym, which is saying a lot considering how sad Bieber’s overall physique is.

Disick’s physique is only marginally better than Biever’s, but not because he has more muscle mass or definition, he is just older and looks a little bigger. That having been said, it sounds like he is trying to get in shape now. He has started exercising regularly (four times a week, which is too much for a beginner, in my opinion).

Each workout has a pretty narrow focus, only one or two muscle groups, so I assuming he is on the 5×5 program, but probably not. I just cannot picture him doing real exercises, you know, barbell squats, bench presses and deadlifts. I hope I am wrong. As for his diet, well, he has made some improvement – i.e., fewer carbs, more fish and vegetables. Sounds great. Let’s give him a year or so. Who knows? Maybe in a year his physique will be worthy of another magazine cover, like, say, Marie Claire. [source: Men’s Fitness]

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