Sarah Michelle Gellar: Skinny or Anorexic?

Sarah Michelle Gellar: Skinny or Anorexic?

Sarah Michelle Gellar used to be known for her butt-kicking body on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. But now some people are asking is Sarah Michelle Gellar skinny or anorexic?

Onlookers were surprised when the 5-foot-3 Gellar appeared about 10 pounds lighter at the Nov. 2 premiere of her new movie, Southland Tales. She is a bit on a short side, so those pounds make a difference in the way her body looks.

I do not think Sarah Michelle is skinny or anorexic, I think she looks good. [source: Life & Style]

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  1. sheri Says:

    these pictures make i hard to judge. the first dress is very fitted – and she has her hair down. her hair covers her collar bones and shoulders

    in the second photo she is wearing a very unflattering dress and has her hair pulled back – which makes you appear slimmer.

  2. Eliana Says:

    As a recovering anorexic I know the classic anorexic body.. her arms and wrists are way too skinny.

  3. Agustine Says:

    I also recognise those arms, she was or is still anorexic

  4. julia Says:

    My mother is very thin(naturally) and only about 5’1”, her arms look nearly identical to Sarah’s picture…Not to mention the stress that must come from being on the go making and promoting a film that can easily cause weight loss.
    By the way, to people who claim to “recognize” certain features as being anorexic are ridiculously stupid. Everybody’s body reacts differently, just be cause you appeared that way doesn’t mean everybody else that’s thin is anorexic.

  5. Sarah Says:

    Yes, she is definitely anorexic.

    The round contours of her bone shoulders are visible – that’s a dead give-away.

    I may not be an anorexic myself, but my cousin is, and I have been able to tell when someone’s anorexic. Sarah Michelle Gellar definitely is.

  6. potterstewart Says:

    I think there is a good chance SMG is or has been treated for anorexia. Her diet is largely one of coffee, bottled water, sushi, and chain smoking cigarettes when away from the public

  7. Becca Says:

    I don’t think you can say whether or not she is definately anorexic, people! The only person who knows for sure is SMG. My sister is naturally very very thin, a lot like SMG, but she’s DEFINATELY NOT anorexic, she just exercises loads. I don’t think SMG is, and I hope she isn’t, because she’s still beautiful and lovely to me :)

  8. Jay Says:

    OMG PPL THINKS THIS LOOKS GOOD!! It’s sad what this world has come to. She looks disgusting. She barely has any breasts, her arms are sticks, I mean what the hell happened! I don’t want to be mean but damn. If she says she’s not anorexic I believe but she needs to gain weight..NOW!

  9. Stephanie Says:

    Not everyone who looks anorexic is. My sister-in-law is 5’8″ and weights 110- she has a thyroid problem that the doctors haven’t been able to correct which causes her weight problem. She won’t go out in anything other than long pants (in Tampa, FL) because of insensitive people who make terrible comments about her being anorexic within her hearing. No one knows except for the people close to you!

  10. Cassandra Says:

    She’s not anorexic because she has stated publicly that she’s small boned and short. So you see with that and a naturally skinny figure it seems like it but its not. I think some people are doubtful that celebrities might just be naturally good-looking and slim. Good and great for them.

  11. Simone Says:

    It’s not a naturally skinny figure. Having been in the bouts of Hollywood and media, it is expected that you stay skinny. I can tell you that most all women in the media would and are not as small as they are when being critiqued and watched, which, that alone keeps most cases from being “naturally thin.” Diet and weight gain/loss is a huge part of your career when you work with media. This alone leads to close-call ED’s for a huge number of people in the media, so even if in this particular instance SMG is not actually a clinical diagnosis of Anorexia Nervosa, or another like disorder, she is most likely being consumed with a diet and thoughts of “good foods” and “bad foods” which is in itself an unhealthy view. The problem is, most American’s view food in this manner, and so, begin to see it as normalacy. I am someone who has worked in the media my entire life, fought Bulimia throughout my teens, and am now currently in the bouts of Anorexia. It is a mindgame. It is hell on Earth. It is a disorder that takes everything in you to control. So the issue is not who is Anorexic (which, the correct tense people is actually “Anoretic”.) The issue is are we a driving force, increasing the concern for certain weights and weights scrutiny, simply by discussing a stranger’s personal health in such great and judgemental detail? Consider this.

  12. Selina Says:

    You know what? Regardless of the cause, or what name you want to give it – in that second picture, she is unhealthy thin. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see when a person is definitely too thin. It can be tricky to discern at times, if a person is overweight or underweight, just by looking at them [and not knowing their medical history, personal body specifics, etc. – as this can determine those definitions for THEIR best health. This is not one of them. This is no judgment on her, her intent, blah blah blah. I happen to like Sarah and her work. This is pure observation. And there ARE signs and flags that a person is underweight, especially once they reach a certain degree of it – no matter who the hell you are, or what your height and bone structure.

  13. GideonFrost Says:

    Its not abnormal for a woman to lose weight and muscle tone due to aging alone. The collagen and elastin in your skin break down causing the bonier features to be even more pronounced. It only seems “too much” because she has always been a skinny girl, that’s all.

  14. Claire Says:

    See looks great recently. She is looking thin here, but I can’t say she is anorexic. She’s always been thin. It’s hard for a lot of people to understand that some people have a hard time gaining weight. Stress also factors in. She had a baby since and it is hard to do that without having the proper weight.

  15. reyelee Says:

    I noticed a huge change in her appearance during the filming of buffy. This could be attributed to the loss of baby fat, and to the increase of her daily physical activity. She took up martial arts and received her black belt. I don’t think she could have played such an athletic role if she was anorexic. Though I do think she is too skinny.

  16. Marla Says:

    At all the judgement, WOW! I was just here because I was curious about her height and googled her, but seriously to all the people that are basically saying “skinny = anorexic” (and you know that’s what you’re saying, don’t lie to yourself) need to stop hating themselves to the point where they have to bring other people down. I should be PROUD to be a woman in America and instead I’m ashamed to be lumped into the same crowd as some of you headcases. To people like Julia, thank you for being logical.

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