Ronnie Magro Workout

Ronnie Magro Workout

Ronnie Magro‘s workout – juiced or not? Ronnie Magro’s workout is excellent. But Ronnie Magro’s workout is also disappointing. Actually, it is not his workout, it is the use of diet pills. Hey, at least he does not use clenbuterol, but does Ronnie Magro’s workout need a little extra, er, help, if you know what I mean. Yes, I am talking about Ronnie Magro’s steroids rumors, which are totally bogus, by the way, but why does he need to use Xenadrine ULTRA to get ripped? I think he does not.

Ronnie Magro’s workout deconstructed So, the word on the street is that Ronnie wants to have better abs than “The Situation.” As we already know, Mike Sorrentino’s workout is excellent, which means that Magro’s goal of having better six-pack abs than Mike’s is not going to be easy to accomplish, but he is working on it. To accomplish this goal, his workout has changed. He still exercises his arms with free weights. To lean out his midsection, he needs to reduce his body fat percentage – that’s where walking on the treadmill at a maximum incline comes in.

Unfortunately, as I have already mentioned, Ronnie Magro’s workout plan also includes taking Xenadrine ULTRA, which is a weight-loss supplement designed to help people boost energy and lose weight. He is Xenadrine ULTRA’s new spokesperson, by the way. He goes to the gym every day and does three to four cardio sessions every week. If all goes according to his plan, I think it is totally reasonable to expect that his abs will be better than Mike’s. What do you think? [source: Star]

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