Roger Daltrey Fat and Shirtless

Roger Daltrey Fat and Shirtless

Roger Daltrey shirtless – hot or not? Is Roger Daltrey fat? He certainly does not look fit, and he probably makes skinny chicks grab a celery stick as soon as they see him. Joking aside, he does have a decent amount of muscle under all that body fat. Daltrey’s belly fat, however, is out of control.

His arms and chest can look pretty good, but he needs to lose 50 pounds. Okay, maybe he does not need to lose that much weight. How much do I really think he needs to lose to look a bit healthier? I think he should lose at least 30 pounds. Oh, he is 65, by the way. [source: Us Weekly]

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  1. Anymous Says:

    50lbs? You’ve got to be kidding me! He’s 65 (now 67), and he’s barely 5’7″ tall. If he lost 50lbs, he’d look like he was in the Holocaust. I’d say 10lbs, maybe 15 tops. But he’s certainly not obese by any reasonable standard…

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