Rihanna Exercise Program

Rihanna Exercise Program

Rihanna‘s exercise program is great. Rihanna’s exercise program is also awesome. Why? Because she does it in a bikini. I mean, how can Rihanna’s exercise program get any better than that? Joking aside, can Rihanna’s exercise program help you lose 21 pounds in 21 days? No, it cannot. Can Rihanna’s exercise program help you lose 5 pounds in a week? Perhaps. Can Rihanna’s exercise program help you lose 5 pounds in 5 days? No, it cannot.

That having been said, given what we know about Rihanna’s diet and Rihanna’s workout, it is hardly surprising that she is in an excellent shape. She does not need to do much, but she does need to be consistent. She also needs to pay a pretty close attention to what she eats, because even following the best exercise program in the world is not going to help you much if you eat junk food.

But the question is, why can’t you use her exercise program to lose weight? Because her program is not necessarily designed for those who need to lose weight. She is not overweight and she does not need to lose weight. The purpose of her exercise program is to keep her in shape. What does she do to accomplish this goal? She obviously does some cardio, but the primary focus of her workout is on major muscle groups. She does a lot of reps and follows a rather unusual workout program, which consists of combining martial arts with dancing. [source: Us]

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    What is the name of the exercise machine Rihana is using in the above picture.

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