Ricky Gervais Weight Loss

Ricky Gervais Weight Loss

Ricky Gervais‘ weight loss vs. Blair Underwood’s weight loss – should we compare the two? Ricky Gervais’ weight loss is an example of how to lose weight safely. Just like Blair’s weight loss, Ricky Gervais’ weight loss is estimated to be around 20 pounds, but unlike Underwood, he lost weight the right way.

Yes, they both figured out how to lose 20 pounds, and some would say that it does not matter how one loses weight. 20 pounds lost is 20 pounds lost, right? Wrong! Ricky Gervais’ weight loss was successful because he decreased his daily calorie intake and increased his activity levels. Nothing fancy, just jogging and eating a little less.

I do not know if Ricky Gervais’ weight loss will hold long term, but I think it will. Why? Because he is doing the right thing. Unlike Underwood, he has not been starving himself to lose weight. He seems to understand what it takes to lose weight – i.e., diet and exercise work, if you know how to work them. Again, there is no need for fancy diets and elaborate exercise programs. All you need to do to lose some weight is to eat a little less and exercise a little more. [source: People]

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