Ricki Lake: Weight Loss and Workout

Ricki Lake: Weight Loss and WorkoutRicki Lake‘s weight loss is simply mind-boggling, she has lost 20 sizes and over 120 pounds! And in case you are wondering, there was no funny business – you know, clenbuterol, liposuction, diet pills, etc – there was none of that going on.

In her recent interview with Us Weekly, Ricki has revealed how she managed to drop so much weight, and she answered questions about her workout.

What made you decide to drop the last 25 pounds? I looked at the calendar after the movie [The Business of Being Born] got into the Tribeca Film Festival.

I was so excited about people seeing the film, but I also wanted to feel great in my skin when I walked down the red carpet on April 29. And I did. I started February 7. I was so committed. I just wanted people to notice me.

You were at 150. Did have a goal? I wanted to get to 135 pounds, and then I kept losing. When I started, I didn’t even want to get on the scale because I didn’t want to know how much I weighted. Now I get on it every day. I weighted myself this morning.

And… One-twenty-three! My size 10s were tight when I started. I had a pair of pants of pants that I couldn’t get up and now there’re swimming on me. My body changed quickly. I went shopping for the premiere thinking I was a 6. I was told I’m a 4. I’m like, When am I going to wake up?

How did you do it? I started on a food delivery program, Fresh Dining. I like that it’s easy. I get my meals delivered in the morning and I don’t have to worry. Calorie restriction is so much healthier than starving myself and over-exercising. I eat 1,200 calories per day. I think losing weight is 80 percent what you put in your mouth.

I just try to practice portion control off the program. More salads. I may have a glass of wine, that’s it. The hardest thing is to give up was bread. Now I’ll eat one piece instead of the whole basket.

Did you see a trainer? No, and what’s so funny is that my ex-boyfriend of three years was a trainer and I never worked with him. I hike. I go four times a week, I do a four-and-a-half-mile hike uphill in an hour and a half and I run down.

Sometimes I take my dog. I can sing show tunes and the top of my lungs. I don’t go to church or temple – I hike. I like working out, but not in a gym. My really good friend is the yoga and spinning teacher that Jennifer Aniston uses, Mandy Ingber. I used to take her classes, but, well, I don’t like sweating around people I don’t know.

Has weight always been an issue for you? I wasn’t heavy as a child. I did track, volleyball, softball. When I went to private school in my junior year, there was no sports program. I was eating all the time and I let myself go.

That’s when you landed the role in Hairspray? Yes. I was 18 when I got all this attention for that movie. And it was so cool because I get the guy and I’m 200 pounds. And I took it to an extreme after that because I thought I was the cutest thing alive and I was fat.

I was partying and eating all the time. Between the ages of 18 and 21, it got not so cute anymore. Being the fat girl was old. The guy I was with told me I was too fat. And then the work dried up. I got to 250 and I was a size 24. The whole fat thing wasn’t working. I had a breast reduction.

And I realized that the only thing I could control was what I put into my mouth, so in 1991, I went on this extreme diet. I used to faint because I wasn’t eating and I was always exercising. I bought a bike and I was always biking to this crummy gym in the Valley every day and getting on the treadmill.

Afterward, I would pass out. Later, during the run of my talk show, I was as small as a size 6, and then I was also a 14. When I did Mrs. Winterbourne in 1996, the movie company hired a trainer and nutritionist. I was working out for an hour and a half every day and lost 30 pounds.

Are you afraid of gaining it back? I am. Right now, I am a bit obsessed. I have to stop weighing myself every day. I used to turn to food when I needed comfort, but it hasn’t happened this time. I’m not eating when I feel anxious. I just am not doing it.

After my premiere in New York, we went to this amazing place. I ordered meatballs and a pizza and I only ate one-and-a-half pieces because I was full. I was happy with that amount. It’s all about willpower. If I can do it, anyone can do it.

What do you think of super-skinny actresses? I think I have no wrinkles because I always had fat on my face. Really skinny girls age so fast.

Do you ban certain foods at home? No. My kids have drawers of snacks. I can’t let food become a priority. I’m going to Italy soon and I don’t want to worry. I may come back 5 pounds heavier. That’s OK.

I don’t want my kids to worry about weight. My little one told me recently, “I am fat.” I said, “No, you are not fat. You are beautiful.” It scares me that kids get that at school or on TV.

What’s most exciting about your new weight? For the longest time, when I was very heavy, I couldn’t cross my legs. I couldn’t physically do it. Love that I can cross my legs now. And I put on a size 27 pair of jeans and they were too big. So I got a 26!

And I was doing a pilot called The Middle for ABC and I told the wardrobe lady I was an 8. She came to my house with a rack of clothes – none fit! I don’t even recognize myself sometimes. My face has really hollowed out – that’s where I see the most difference.

I don’t have a double chin anymore. And I have cheekbones! Someone told me that I have a beautiful neck. I never had a neck before. I had no waist and no neck. It feels like a different life. Even my shoe size is changing. My Jimmy Choos are too big now. [source: Us Weekly]

Update: Ricki Lake’s diet plan has been posted.

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  1. Ciara Says:

    Wow! I am happy for her!!! Go Ricki!!!! :-)

  2. Ms. Lou Says:

    I’m very happy for Ricki and her success with her weight loss. How bout those packaged meals? I’d love to order them as Marie Osmond, Dan Morena and lots of other celebs use but what the heck? Who can afford them? In today’s economy, unemployment, being a single parent of children and grands who has the money? Perhaps people in a higher tax bracket huh? Oh I know! Celebs? Lol. I’m just horsing around. I’m happy for anyone’s success and only pray that someday I will be able to afford pre-packed meals and or a trainer or some effective way to lose weight.

    Keeping my fingers crossed that someday soon…

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