Raquel Welch: Diet and Exercise

Raquel Welch: Diet and ExerciseForget all those claims about bringing sexy back. For screen legend Raquel Welch, it never went away. Long before the first Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue, before Britney Spears tangoed with a snake, and before Pamela Anderson hit puberty, there was Raquel Welch.

She blew away a generation of relatively prim, satin-clad pinups by posing in a torn loincloth with a wild mane of hair – her overflowing figure the apparent work of a cartoonist’s imagination in the now iconic poster for One Million Years B.C.

She wasn’t just sexual – she was sex. Welch says of that famous poster, “This woman had been through something – she was formidable, she was athletic, she was different. Forty years later, the name Raquel Welch still gets pulses racing. And she makes it clear that the animal in her hasn’t gone anywhere.

Raquel Welch’s diet: “I’m constantly on a diet, and I hate it. I don’t eat wheat at all. I’m allowed one cup of carbohydrates per day, and it’s brown rice or bran, oats, spelt toast -all those offbeat things that don’t cause the problems digesting.

“Two meals can be a quarter pound of animal protein with green vegetables, but no starch vegetables. I don’t eat peas, carrots, potatoes, anything like that. I have three fruits a day and lots of water. I love bread, pancakes, and burritos, and pizza. But I have to stick to the diet, because it makes me look and feel better. It’s a total bitch,” says Welch.

Raquel Welch on exercise: “I still do something physical every day. You absolutely have to have an exercise program. I don’t care about what kind of plastic-surgery exploits you get into, it’s not going to do the trick.

You’re not going to look 19 again – ever. What is that old expression? Use it or lose it. The older you get, the more discipline you have to have. I’m tougher on myself than most other people, because that’s my business. I want to maintain my property, you know.” [via]

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