Rachel Frederickson Anorexic

Rachel Frederickson Anorexic

Is Rachel Frederickson anorexic? Is Rachel Frederickson anorexic or is she skinny? Is Rachel Frederickson anorexic or is she too skinny? She has lost 155 pounds, but has she gone too far? Some would say that she looks gaunt and unhealthy. Others think that she looks incredible and that she is a huge inspiration for other people who need to lose more than 100 pounds.

What do I personally think? I think it is a matter of perspective. What does it mean? It means that without comparing her current look to the way she looked when she was almost 300 pounds, she looks great. When the two looks are compared, however, the difference is stark and I can see why some people would think that she went too far and might even have a problem with food.

Personally, I think she looks great. I do not think she is anorexic. I also do not think she has an eating disorder of any kind. [source: In Touch Weekly]

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