Rachael Ray’s Recipe

Rachael Ray's RecipeIf you like Rachael Ray, chocolate, whipped cream, rum, and cranberries as much as we do – the Cranberry Chocolate Cake with Rummy Whipped Cream Rachel Ray’s recipe – could be a high point of your day.

At first, the nutritional profile for this recipe looks scary: 1,281 Calories, 138 g Carbohydrates, 65 g Fat, and 112 g Sugar.

There is a catch, though: Serving size: 8 Servings – which means we need to divide these numbers by 8. When we do, it comes out to: 160 Calories, 17 g Carbohydrates, 8 g Fat, and 14 g Sugar, per serving.

Tip: Substitute sugar with Erythritol.

That is much better but still a little, shall we say, decadent – which is the whole purpose of this desert. Enjoy in moderation!

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