Rachael Ray Weight Loss

Rachael Ray Weight Loss

Rachael Ray‘s weight loss is puzzling and confusing. What is so strange about Rachael Ray’s weight loss? Is Rachael Ray’s weight loss real or imaginary? The reason I ask these questions is because she does not know how much weight she has lost, which is a bit hard to believe.

But Rachael Ray’s weight loss is real; some say she has lost two jeans sizes and two inches off her waist in about eight weeks – yet she claims that she has “no idea” how many pounds she has lost. “I haven’t been on a scale since I was 12,” says Ray.

The other reason why Rachael Ray’s weight loss is not just a figment of her overly-chatty personality has to do with the way she feels. She claims that her body has changed. “I feel more fit,” she says, “and I have a little more energy – which is ridiculous because I have five jobs! So obviously I already have a good amount of energy.”

Of course, some would argue that Rachael Ray’s weight loss needs a lot more scrutiny, because frankly it is hard to believe that she has lost a lot of weight but does not know how much weight she has lost. Personally, I do not care – she looks good, well, she probably needs to lose more weight, but she does look thinner. [via]

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  1. Jaye Says:

    I find it very odd that it seems impossible for you to believe that there are people out there who don’t keep track of exactly how much they weigh. I know a ton of people who don’t own a scale. But it’s really easy for them to tell if they’ve lost weight because their clothes fit differently. I didn’t read the original article, but I can tell you that the quotes that you selected to put in your article make perfect sense to me. Two jeans sizes for her was probably a loss of 10-15 pounds. There really are a lot of people who don’t weigh themselves. Not hard to believe. Particularly if they aren’t dieting with a specific weight loss goal in mind but are simply eating healthier and working out more (which leads to weight loss even it wasn’t the primary goal.)

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