Queen Latifah Weight

Queen Latifah Weight

Is Queen Latifah‘s weight out of control? Who cares, right? I care about Queen Latifah’s weight. Why? Because to some extent, Queen Latifah’s weight is an indication of how successful the Jenny Craig program is. She has lost weight on the Jenny Craig program and as far as I know, she is still the Jenny Craig spokesperson.

At this point, it is unclear whether or not Queen Latifah’s weight has changed since her initial weight loss, but if certain rumors are true, Queen Latifah’s weight is in danger of increasing to the point of making her significantly overweight again.

According to a source, she has been spotted recently making some very questionable breakfast choices. Allegedly, she ordered a latte, a piece of chocolate cake, a cinnamon role and three muffins. If true, that is a pretty extreme carb binge, which can negatively affect her weight if she does this regularly. If something like that really happened, she can definitely benefit from a proper sugar detox. Actually, the sugar detox is beneficial in any case. Let’s face it, who does not eat too much sugar these days? [source: Star]

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