Quaker Rice Cakes: Quakes Rice Snacks

Quaker Rice Cakes: Quakes Rice Snacks

The ad for Quaker (Quakes) Rice Snacks states the following:

“Snackims # 23.

Cheddarific: Cheddary with a light crunch; i.e. something yummy that won’t go straight to your hips.

Crunchy Quaker Rice Snacks. 70 cheddary calories. How’s that for smart snacking?”

So you get 70 calories per serving (one serving equals 9 cakes). Not bad at all, except one thing. Well, actually, it is more than one thing. One serving of Quaker Rice Snacks also contains 230 mg sodium, which is a lot, and 11 g of carbs. The protein is virtually absent form Quaker Rice Cakes; one serving contains meager 1 g of protein.

The verdict: Quaker Rice Snacks are not nutritionally balanced. They contain too much sodium, not enough protein and no fiber.

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